Robyn and I were both part of the Lawry’s Bzz Agent campaign. Each of us tried a bottle of Lawry’s Marinade provided by Lawrys, and here are our experiences.


Well summer is upon us and don’t we all tend to grill more in the summer?  This weekend we used the Lawry’s Balsamic Herb 30 minute marinade on steak and it was to die for!  It’s a 30 minute marinade so no more having to wait for meat to marinade for hours or overnight, which is key for us since we don’t decide what we are eating until the last minute.  The smell of the marinade made my mouth water, I couldn’t wait for my husband to heat up the grill and get cooking!  Halfway through cooking he basted the meat in a little more marinade.  The Balsamic Herb flavor was very distinct but not overpowering.  My husband is the king of marinades and is very picky about what he uses.  Typically it’s some form of bbq sauce, cajun or jerk seasoning so he was a little skeptical about a balsamic marinade…he gave it 2 thumbs up he loved this marinade and said he would use it again for sure.

Lawry’s Balsamic Herb 30 minute marinade “is inspired by the rich flavors of the Mediterranean, this marinade features aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and the perfect blend of Italian herbs including basil, rosemary and thyme.  Goes great on steak, chicken or pork.” It also has no MSG!  We have used several other Lawry’s products and have always been happy with their products and this one didn’t disappoint.


I had been tired from very little sleep last night. I have two toddlers on different sleeping schedules and this mommy works at night, so when it came time to make dinner, I was not in the mood and wanted a quick meal. I browsed through the cupboard and my eyes settled on the Lawry’s Original Marinade. Surely I could make something quick and easy that would taste great with this. Wow! Was I ever impressed. I marinaded the chicken breast that I had for 20 minutes while I cleaned up the toys and popped them on the George Foreman. while that was cooking, I cooked some quick rice. I cut up the chicken, added the rice, a handful of sundried tomatoes, and some olives. Viola! Dinner was quick and easy and tasted awesome! The marinade complimented the olives and tomatoes well and the kids ate everything off their plates in record time. thank you Lawry’s for saving this Mommy time in the kitchen while providing a tasty meal.

Have you ever tired Lawry’s Marinades? How do you feel about them?


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