Tag Interactive World Map

Interactive World Map and Tag Reading System by LeapFrog

Doesn’t it look like these kids are having a good time? I have become fond of having outdoor playdates.  It makes for a cleaner house after and everyone gets fresh air. We took the Tag reading System with the Interactive World Map already pre-loaded. We also brought along a few books top entertain the kids during down time at the park. They really had a blast. We divided into teams of boys versus girls and took turns pointing out the different sea creatures and boats on one side of the map and then we practiced pronouncing continents and countries. The ages of the kids involved were four to five and it seemed appropriate and educational. The kids were intrigued bu the talking “stick” and even shared well while laughing and pointing out the different areas on the map. They even broke out a few of the books and interacted with the characters in the books giggling at the sounds they made when Spiderman and Mater came alive.

LeapPad Learning Tablet

The LeapPad Learning Tablet is in a league all on its own. It comes equipped with a video camera and a still camera for the kids to use their own imaginations and take pictures of how they see the world. A picture says a 1000 words right?My Photos

Art Studio App for Kids

The LeapPad learning tablet hooks right up to your computer and even lets you upload these photos to your own PC to create and share like I did above. What a way to get the little one’s creative juices flowing. These silly kids were running all over the house squealing with delight snapping and videoing everything from pictures on the fridge to feet. Lots and lots of feet. The LeapPad has the capability to take 30,000 photos or shoot 120 minutes of video. That is some serious following around! Then after all the pictures are taken, you can manipulate them with stretch, draw, paint or just use a blank canvas.

LeapFrog Games Online For Toddlers

You can also download games from the internet or buy cartridges from the LeapFrog store or local retailer. My son loves the Pet Pad app that came with his LeapPad. He likes to feed it and bathe it all the time, but in order to be able to do so, you need to earn treats by using your Tag reader and LeapPad for educational games. Right now, Jakobi is learning his letters so he traces them with his finger or stylus. When he gets the letters correct, he his assigned a number of tokens he can later turn into the reward store for treats and shampoo. This is the perfect online interactive game for my toddler. Look how much fun we had at our LeapFrog Party!

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