For those of us you have tried, are still trying or have been successful at weight loss, know it takes work. What we may not know was how it was that we came about losing the weight. Of course we know that we need to eat less and burn more calories, but how exactly does all of that work? Well, a pound of body weight is equal to 3,500 calories. If you add 500 per day to that number, you will gain one pound and if you cut out 500, you will lose that pound. When your body has lean muscle, it burns more calories than if you have more fat than muscle. In order to replace that fat with lean muscle, you must exercise to burn that fat. The faster you burn the fat, the faster you will lose the weight and see your lean muscle appear. So, how on earth could we do that at a higher rate? Well, studies have shown that specially made clothing can help burn more calories, therefore helping to boost your metabolism. Lunaling is a company that has had success with a line of exercise bottoms that have shown to do just that.

Easily Boost Your Metabolism

Lunaling has had their products tested in some of the top universities in the United Kingdom in their physiology laboratories. They took women who wore both traditional exercise clothing and then the Lunaling clothing. The women were monitored before, during and after a 30 minute exercise session. What they found was that the women expended more energy, had a higher core temperature and loss an average of 4 x more weight than those without the Lunaling clothing. The fabric has been specially designed by Lunaling and their sportswear clothing is taking off in the UK and will soon be doing so in the USA as well.

The clothing from Lunaling comes in three lengths: short, capri and full legging. I was sent the capri length which is perfect for me as I prefer them. The fabric of the pants are a bit different than what traditional exercise clothing is made from. The outside of the Lunaling’s are neoprene, which is what wet suits are made from and they are lined with polyester and nylon. As you may expect, they do take a bit of tugging to get on, but this is due to the combination of the fabrics and is not difficult at all. When you workout while wearing the Lunaling’s, you do sweat more and they were comfortable to wear. They are machine washable and you just hang them to dry for the next exercise session. I was impressed with the Lunaling’s and look forward to seeing long term results.


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