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Learn The Benefits Of Wearing Organic Underwear

My youngest daughter, Caitlin is almost 15 and has the new found need for a bra. It has been so long since I was bra shopping, I forgot what I needed to look for and where. Caitlin has been wearing sports bras for about a year now and decided she needed something more grown-up. I think part of that need came from a recent sleepover where most of the girls were wearing regular bras and she felt out of place. After shopping at just about every lingerie department in our area, we could not find the right bra.  Every stinking bra we found irritated her and she could not wait to get them off of her. I did some research and I found that going organic may be the way to go.  Here is some great information I found on my quest:

  • Sensitivity:If you have sensitive skin, this can make it difficult to find non-irritating clothes, let alone underwear. Most regular cotton has pesticides and chemicals that can transfer to your skin. Organic cotton is the opposite, so it is more comfortable against your skin. If the underwear is made from bamboo, you will have anti-microbial benefits as well as very soft fabric.
  • Lowered Risk: I was shocked to find out that if you buy clothing made from fabric that has been treated with chemicals, you can transfer that to your bedding  towels, furniture and any other surface in your home you may touch. In extreme cases, this can lead to skin cancer.
  • Lasting Quality: Studies have found that clothing made from regular cotton will begin to break down after 15-20 machine washing’s  Garments made from organic cotton will last 5 times longer int he same test than regular cotton.  So, for those of you who think organic clothing is more expensive, it is actually less when you factor in the longevity of the item.
  • Superior quality: The same fabric that has the antimicrobial properties also repels mold and mildew and can block out damaging UV rays. This means the organic fabrics will last much longer and are made much better. That same superior quality can be found in the clothing from Faeries Dance, an online retailer of yummy eco-friendly clothing.

Wearing Organic Underwear

After reading about how well made and skin friendly organic clothing is, I was willing to try it. With Caitlin having such a hard time with the other bras we tried on, I was excited to try a bra from Faeries Dance. We were sent the Alba Non Wire Support Bra as well as the matching Alba ribbed panties. I knew the moment Caitlin walked in the room after trying on the bra that we had hit a home run. She had the biggest grin on her face and said she wished she had known wearing organic underwear would feel so great! The bra is so incredibly soft and it fits just perfectly. What I especially love about the Alba bra is that it is so smooth under her school t-shirts. I hate it when you put on a bra and you can clearly see every bump and wrinkle under your tees. The matching panties are just as soft and fit like a glove and the stitching is impeccable  You c n tell just from looking at them they will hold up for a long time. Faeries Dance is the creation of Adrienne Catone who had the fashion vision to sell organic clothing that the entire family could wear. Adrienne has a huge variety of clothing to chose from, including active wear, dresses, tanks, pants and sweaters. No matter the product, you will find only the most superior products at an affordable price. You can buy the Alba Bra online at Faeries Dance for $34 and the matching panties for $22.

One reader will win a $50 gift certificate from Faeries Dance


  1. I love the adjustable soft bra in black. I love comfortable bras!!! I also love the Organic Birch PJ Set. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  2. The underwear. I have very sensitive skin in certain areas. Soap with no smell, no dyes… These would be so perfect!

  3. It’s hard to choose but I think the Drape Neck Top is my favorite! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  4. peter pan top, but i do say the google related ads when you click to actually get to the website are very distracting. After two tries to get to the real catalog pg, i just picked peter pan because i was tired of hunting and pecking to find a favorite with the intrusive google ads for other companies selling womens bras.

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