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Since becoming a Karina Dress Ambassador I have really thrown what I normally wear out the window. I rarely ever wear dresses, as you have read because as a stay at home mom the occasion to dress up does not come around that often. I just never felt the need to get all snazzy for the kids. However, since my blogging career has blossomed, now I am often out of town invited to events where I would want to wear a dress. Now, that I am wearing dresses it is cute to hear the reaction from my kids. They call me bootiful and pretty. Of course, I will always be beautiful and pretty in their eyes, but now I am beautiful and pretty in my eyes too. Isn’t it amazing how dressing up can make you feel better about yourself?

For this review, I choose the Daisy. Again, out of my comfort zone. I do not normally do wrap dresses, ruffles, or frilly things. The Daisy has all of the above, but it has been a fun challenge to try new things. My husband even says it is a style that looks good on me. The Daisy, like all of the Karina Dresses in their line is very forgiving meaning that the five pounds that I gain or lose at a conference (we know it is gain, but I can kid myself right), my dress will still fit. Then when I come home and diet, my dress still looks great. No sagging or pulling because it is made with a breathable, durable fabric that stretches four ways. This means it gives where it needs to give and hugs where it needs to hug for the perfect fit every time no matter what time of month it is.
What to wear to a conference

Great Conference Wear

When I go to a conference, I want to be able to just grab and go. I do not want to have to hang up my clothes all nice and neat and have to pack carefully to avoid wrinkles. I want to be able to keep my stuff crumpled in my backpack so I can travel light, but I still want to look good. Karina Dresses do not wrinkle and they are the best travel dresses ever. You can still look professional and put together when it only took you moments to get dressed. It is the perfect go to garment in a pinch. I was at the Reviewers Retreat this year helping to promote #DriveKia and I was thrilled to be able to be in style and comfortable because it was a really,really long day.

Love Others

While Karina Dresses are made in Brooklyn, New York; Karina still find the space in her heart to help organizations outside our country including one with Mother Theresa’s organization in Calcutta. She feels that the company philanthropy is in line with how she built her business – based on loving yourself and loving others.

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