Letter Sounds

Learning Letter Sounds

My daughter is in preschool and is learning letter sounds on a weekly basis.  As part of her home school routine, I work with her using flash cards typically.  I was recently asked to review the Rock N Learn Letter Sounds DVD.  The rocking alphabet song is a great new way to sing your ABC’s and my daughter got so excited about it.  The letter sounds were awesome, it showed the upper case letters, lower case letters and the word, a picture of the mouth saying the sound and a picture of the word.  It was a nice activity for her to repeat and I liked that the word is shown as well because its helping her with the sight words at the same time she’s reinforcing the sounds.  We are working on letter sounds in our home school curriculum and this DVD arriving was perfect timing.  It was a nice way to change up our typical curriculum by watching a DVD instead of sitting down at the table.  The games were very fun and she got so excited when she got them correct.  In the curriculum we use, some of the words we practice for sounds are different than the DVD but that didn’t stop her she moved right along and learned the new ones with no issues.  This was comforting to me because I was worried that it would mess her up but she never ceases to amaze me with her learning abilities.

Name That Letter Game

Name that letter game was our favorite, the amount of words that were introduced in the different sounds was fantastic.  She loved feeling like she was on a game show, it took her a few to get the hang of it and was up for the challenge.  This also reinforced sight words as well as words in a sentence.
The background music had a catchy beat and it made me bob my head.  My younger daughter is 18 months and was in the room while we were watching the DVD and she danced and bobbed her head along with the beat.  She was glued to the TV watching what was next, I am hoping some of it will rub off on her as well!
The blending sounds portion really sank in for her, this is something she has been having difficulty with in school so this was a big turning point in her blending sounds learning.  She is beginning to learn to read and I think this DVD was a huge help in conveying the information to her in a different way than she was getting it.  She is a visual learner so this was just a perfect DVD to help her take the next step with her education.  You can purchase this DVD for $19.99 and is for ages 4-7.  Rock N Learn has a terrific variety of learning DVDs, CDs and books.  Some of them include: Spanish, Grammar, Telling Time, Math Word Problems and Presidents and U.S. Government.  Check them out on Facebook!
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