LED Lighted Skateboards

LED Lighted Skateboards

If you are a hip and cool parent, you probably already know about LED lighted skateboards .  Since TheHenMan has just become interested in riding a skateboard, I am new to this sport.   For the past few months we have been shopping around for a skateboard but I was not familiar with what the best brand would be.  Since we live on a dead end street, I felt comfortable buying  one and letting him practice up and down our street.  What I did need to explain to him was that he was in no way allowed to try out any skateboard stunts he may have seen on America’s Funniest Videos!!

In my pursuit of a good skateboard, a friend mentioned Rockboard, a company known for it’s unique scooters.  She told me they recently added skateboards to their product line.  I went to the website and I was fixated on the video below which shows skateboarders demonstrating the Radiate, a LED lighted skateboard. Rockboard consistently meets or exceeds all Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines as well as ASTM Standard Consumer Toy Safety Specifications.   Rockboard recently received the 2012 Toy of the Year for their Rockboard Scooter.

Skateboard Fitness Workout

I know many kids are heading for obesity at an alarming rate so if they can get a skateboard fitness workout, I am stoked! Thankfully my kids are pretty active kids and although they love playing video games, they love to be outdoors more.  The timing was perfect when Rockboard offered their new Radiate Skateboard to my family for review.  With Rockboard’s stringent safety and quality design standards,  this skateboard is the top of the line.  When TheHenMan opened the box, he was dumbstruck!  He could not believe such a great board also had the LED lights at the bottom.  You can ride with the lights on or off and it  has a charger as well.   I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Rockboard Company and their products.  As a parent I want the best for my children and with products from the Rockboard Company, I am getting just that.

Thank you to the Rockboard Company for offering one lucky winner a Radiate Skateboard of their own (valued at $84.69).

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