Initially, plans to issue online visas for Saudi Arabia were discussed well, but there were no strict actions taken against it. It was either blocked by political or delayed by debates in the process. But later it was official that the Saudi Online EVisa facility has come into existence, allowing the tourist to visit this beautiful destination with full authority. 

The E Visa did mark a huge change in the functioning of Saudi, as it has been one of the most challenging aspects to enter the country. The kingdom never has any Visa facility for tourists in order to spend quality time with their loved ones for a trip purpose.  Learn more about how to apply for a Schengen visa application.

The Basics of EVisa:

  1. Only 49 countries have got permission to visit this destination by applying for a Visa. You need to check yourself, whether or not, you are eligible. 
  2. Over the course of about 1 year, you can opt for multiple entries in the country without any restriction. 
  3. The E-visa includes mandatory medical insurance as well that gets total money you need to spend along with Visa. 

Applying for a 2nd passport for the UK:

Information to gain a 2nd passport is very difficult to find. This is because there is hardly any site online that provides such information, in fact, even official websites have no mentioning of such service. But this is true that you can get while applying for a second passport.

Only a few can apply:

Now this doesn’t mean if you have the chance to gain a second passport, anyone can apply for it. There are specific terms and conditions through which you need to pass and then think about applying a new one. 

  1. You are a frequent traveler (a businessman, work mode) and you need to send your passport for the visa for a different country. While still travelling to some other place with a passport. 
  2. You have a passport that does have few stamps and Visas that could directly disallow you to visit certain destination for example (You have passport filled with an Israeli stamp, but you want to have a tour of Lebanon) 
  3. You have no pages left in your passport for the visas, but you need to keep your passport because you have active plans for the travelling with the existing visas
  4. The passport is filled with stamps and you have to generate a new passport so as to start your travelling needs yet again. 

Everything that you should know about UK Apostille

You can get all your documents legalized when you know it is important for you to show your documents while visiting a foreign country. This legalization is basically done by seeking help from the legalization office to confirm authority with the signature, stamp or else a seal from the UK public portal. 

This needs to be done in such a case where the officials of other countries have addressed to show up the proof of your documents to be legal. Especially when you travel to a different country for job purpose, education purpose or any other such relatable purpose, the documents have to be shown. 

The stamp attached to it is basically UK Apostille, and you cannot get the document legalized outside the country. You have to be in the country where it is issued, make the apostille process complete and only then travel the destination with the official documents in your hand. 

The legalization offer of the other country will see the stamp, seal, signature and only then accept your documents valid. Now this process looks easy like buying curtains online. But this is not. You have to see to it that you follow each step carefully.