When I was a little girl my mom used to work at Sears, and my sister and I would play “Personal Shopper.”  We would choose outfits we thought each other should wear when we talked about getting married or having babies or going to school. We would “shop” for our husbands and kids, selecting out the merchandise we just know they would love in the future.

Moving forward about 20 years, on the day after Thanksgiving, my sister and I would pour through the papers looking for the best Black Friday deals, always ending up at Sears. Sears was always a great place to shop for men with all the Craftsman tools and lawn equipment, but now they have the much softer side they so frequently advertise. With the Kardashian Kollection and the Kenmore Kitchen collection, the Ks are enough to get the girl to the door and the rest that Sears has to offer will keep them there!


So why am I telling you all of this? I want to be your Personal Shopper for ShopYourWay, and I wanted to give you a little background on why I would be the Ultimate personal shopper to help you make your Back-to-school purchases.

  • I have years of experience and familiarity with the Sears and Kmart brand.
  • I will wait hours and hours to find the ultimate product and deal.
  • I have a grown 20-year-old son and one going into school for his first time! So I have wisdom and the freshness of the first-time excitement of your little one going off to school.

Did you know that you can access all of the great brands and stores like Sears, Kmart, MyGofer, LandsEnd, PartsDirect and Craftsman right on ShopYourWay.com. You can browse through all of the stores and create catalogs to share with your friends, family and personal shoppers.
Great First Day Of School Outfit
For example, when I was browsing, I found the perfect outfit for Jakobi’s very first day of school. I wanted it to be something that looked cute, but was familiar to him so he would be comfortable. It is 100% cotton and has an elastic waist. That means my son would stay cool since we start school in the heat of August, and he would not have to fumble with his clothes when he went to the bathroom for the very first time without mommy nearby. Sniff, my big boy. You can see the Disney Toddler Boy’s Cars Shorts Set right on Sears.com for only $8.99.

Then because I am a ShopYourWay Rewards Member, I would also get 90 points. Below is a handy converter tool that shows you what points actually mean. It means you get cash back to spend on future purchases. I am loving all the ways to save.


Skort UniformI also found a really cute Khaki Button Scooter Skort for my niece. Since I know her, I know that she is in private school and needs to wear a uniform. However, I also know her tastes and can recommend trendy uniform items for her and her mom as their personal shopper. While logged into ShopYourWay (they have made it really easy), all you have to do is navigate to your personal shopper area and get your personalized url (<—that is mine) and share it via email, twitter, blog posts or even on Facebook!


Now my oldest is in college, and he will be starting his Sophomore year. The cool thing about the Personal Shopper program is that by being a personal shopper you actually make a commission by suggesting items to your friends and family when they purchase. So, guess who is teaching her son to be her protege. Oh yeah, make your own money kid, but until then I suggested this Laptop Buddy Blue Desk w/ Removable Light & Cup Holder which is only $9.99. He is always doing his homework on the couch and complaining about the laptop burning his legs! I was able to suggest this lap desk and tell him why he needed it right though the Personal Shopper option above.

Don’t you think I would make the ultimate personal shopper? I can help you out just like I have helped my family! I can show you ways to save, recommend items that I like, and help you find items you did not even know existed. As a product reviewer, I come across a ton of products and know all the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t, AND if I do not know the answer, I am a part of a very large blogger network where I am sure I can find the answer. I also went to learn first-hand about the Personal Shopping program at the Sears Round Table Event, and I even did a post on how to look like you splurged when you really got a steal from Sears! But, to show you how much I would like you to choose me as your personal shopper, I want to give you the opportunity to shop at Sears, Kmart or LandsEnd by providing you with a $100 gift card that will be good at any of those stores. Just enter on the giveaway tools form below.


  1. I would LOVE for you to be my Personal shopper! I just couldn’t get thru to a place where I could sign up! ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Email me me & will sign up!

  2. well I haven’t been back to school in years, but when I went I loved the trapper keepers. I don’t think they make them anymore

  3. Favorite back to school item(s), is being able to help my niece, who is less fortunate to be able to get school clothes and backpack for my nieces.

  4. Ooooo love all the Flores,,pens,,pencils,,markers,,notepads,,cool little neat colored paperclips,etc,,,,@alongcamemary1 love back to school supply shopping!! Mary

  5. Just like when I was a kid, choosing a new bookbag or backpack was always fun! There are so many great options these days.

  6. Shoppping for clothes for my great grand children. I like to share in doing that because I want to.

  7. Of course it would have to be clothes. Or bedding items, wven towels are fun to shop for, I guess anything. We love electronics too, tv for sure and alarm clocks, lites. We always need something, I remember when I was little from a family of 14 we alwasy got christmas presents from santa from sears. always/ even underwear. ha

  8. My favorite back to school item(s) have to be the deals on computers/ipads/etc and the cutest clothes!!!

  9. Art supplies. They go on super discount during back to school/after school specials. We scoop up TONS of them to do afternoon/weekend projects.

  10. Did you change the mandatory entry? Because I have it noted that I entered this giveaway but I know that I didn’t sign up for anything.

  11. From your personal shopper list the Dockers Boy’s Husky Pants All Season Flat Front School

  12. anyone who has children knows what a budget is–so i know you would be the perfect personal shopper!

  13. This would be perfect for me and I signed up and on the last page there is no option for Canada, so is it US only? Sad if it is, can you let me know so I do not keep entering your giveaway!

  14. You would make a GREAT personal shopper as you have all the inside knowledge and know just what I’m looking for! 🙂 THANKS AND GOOD LUCK

  15. I have signed up for Jennifer to be my personal shopper with ShopYourWay because I really believe that with her experience, drive and style she will work well with my own. This is a big step for me because I consider myself to be a very savvy shopper and I must believe that she can do at least as good as myself, freeing up some of my time.

  16. I stock up on socks, underwear and stationary at back to school time, even though I’ve been out of school for a very long time.

  17. I just signed up for Jennifer to be my personal shopper on the ShopYourWay website. I am convinced that her good taste and prior experience will make her a fantastic personal shopper for me and my family!

  18. I could use a personal shopper, thank you! I would love to buy something off your site. You have a great blog and always something new and refreshing going on!

  19. Your Makobi Scribe blog shows that you would be the perfect pick for Sears & the Personal Shopper. Your reviews & giveaways are always current with the latest fashion trends & you have a great sense of style. You have a great attitude, positive smile & a great personality. You have what it takes. You have a lot of experience that they would love in a Personal Shopper.

  20. I love searching for new jeans and winter clothing for my grandson…new jacket, snowpants,hat, gloves, boots! Yes, we live in a winter climate and the kids have recess outside unless it’s below 20 degrees!

  21. I think you would be easy sell for a commercial as you have a magnetic personality and people are just naturally drawn towards you. I know I am so see you on TV.

  22. As a long-time follower of your Makobi Scribe blog, I think you would be the perfect pick  for Sears & the Personal Shopper. Your reviews and giveaways are always up to date with the latest fashion trends and you have a great eye for style.
    I have signed you up to be my personal shopper as I am so  frustrated with shopping, always wearing the wrong items  and have no time to put together a suitable casual work attire.  .to I am looking forward to  your style-savvy skills to transform me into a more polished and pulled together woman. Just think;  you get to create something wonderful for me and make me happy while using your talents and doing something that makes you feel happy.

  23. WOW! If I were the person choosing who would get to be a Personal Shopper, I’d pick you! You have the right attitude, a positive smile and a great personality. I’m so positive that they should pick you because you have what it takes. Just give it all you’ve got. Apply 24/7 and show them you deserve it more than ANYONE else!! But seriously though, you have a lot of experience that the recruiters would love in a Personal Shopper, and that is the MOST important thing. Stay lovely and positive and never give up your dreams!! You can achieve anything as long as you have the right attitude and faith!!!

  24. Underwear and socks! (That is if I had children who were still in school…my granddaughter will be starting kindergarten next fall, and I can’t wait! I even started saving the “Box Tops for Education” when she was just 2…so I believe when she starts school the principal is going to love me!!!)

  25. You are a perfect shopper because you know where to get the good deals and how to shop for the deals. You have the know how to save money and get all the deals

  26. You Would Make A Great Personal Shopper You Know Alot About All The Latest Products And Deals I Think You Would Be Great ForThe Commercial I Hope That You Get It Good Luck You Woud Be So Great In That

  27. This is such a fantastic idea! The time it would save to get personal suggestions that are customized is beyond awesome!

  28. You’d be a great personal shopper because you always seem one step ahead of the game, and always seem to know what’s cool, and what isn’t.

  29. follower of your blog for a long time; you know how to spot a deal–you would make a great personal shopper!

  30. I think you would be an excellent personal shopper because you are up to date on the latest gadgets and things. I love your blogs – honest opinions and would love for your help. I am all signed up- thank you!

  31. What an awesome opportunity for you! With your eye for fashion, your keen sense of a deal, you’d make the best personal shopper ever. here’s my vote!!! Go, girl, go…..

  32. I think you would make a GREAT personal shopper for me because not only to you have awesome fashion sense you also LOVE a great deal just like I do!!! If Sears doesn’t pick you they are making a HUGE mistake! I can’t think of anyone more qualified!!!

  33. I remember looking through the sears catalogue before school would start in the fall and picking out my “school clothes” not much different the shopping on the internet 🙂

  34. My son isn’t old enough to buy back-to-school yet, but when I was little my favorite things were fresh crayons and fun folders 🙂

  35. I so rarely buy for myself- but I must admit, a Kmart card and personal shopper sound like a great treat!

  36. This is the first time in 22 years that I’m not sending anyone back to school but I usually get pencils, markers and other things for our food pantry school supply round up.

  37. I would give this to my sister so she could have a little shopping spree for herself…she is on a very limited income and i just know she would love it.

  38. my kid are grown but I still love to go school shopping with my grandkids. I always buy their shoes.

  39. I love buying new sneakers for my son for back to school! Unfortunately,as he gets older,,the pricetag gets much higher as well! lol

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  40. shoes shoes shoes, no doubt and i might buy something for the lil munchkins too 🙂 hope im the lucky winner!

    • I think one of my favorite back to school items would be backpacks/bookbags. It’s important to get a good one since they get used and abused every day!

  41. MY fav back to school item is notebooks. They’re good for school work as well as doodling and drawing. When I was in school the covers and side bars of every page of my note books were full of doodles (even though the teachers hated when we did that lol)

  42. my favorite back to school item to buy would have to be shoes. seems like every year there are more to choose from.

  43. I love all the new crayons, pencils, papers…all clean and ready to use for the first time

  44. my favorite back to school item is backpacks, i love to shop with my kids and let them pick the one they love

  45. My favorite back to school item when I was in school was the Trapper Keeper (remember those – or am I dating myself, LOL?). These days notebooks and fresh pens are my favorite items.

  46. I love backpacks in all shapes and colors, but especially those who feature tribal prints. So, that would be my favorite back-to-school item.

  47. My favorite Back-to-School item is shoes. I like shopping at the New Balance Tent Sale.

  48. My favorite back to school item to shop for is the backpack its always the easiest part! My little one is starting kindergarten this year I’m so nervous about all the stuff she needs!

  49. Even though I don’t have kids, I like to stock up on markers & mechanical pencils & folders during back to school sales. The Laptop Buddy Blue Desk you suggested to your son sounds like something I could use. The lapdesk I use for my laptop doesn’t have a cupholder.

  50. I always loved the supplies. A fresh new notebook was my favorite. Picking it out was the hardest part. I liked them all.

  51. My favorite is shoes. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!!

  52. My school age children have all grown and moved out on their own, but I’m a teacher so believe it or not, I shop right along with the kids for back to school savings. I love the petite section.

  53. My favorite BTS item is definitely mechanical pencils, I don’t know why but I just love them lol!

  54. I look to shop for new clothes for the Grandkids and the different kinds of pens and pencils.

  55. i prefer back to school clothes shopping but as far as supplies I like the trapper keeper, they are easy to personalize

  56. I know longer have children to get ready for school but it used to be the notebooks and also homeowork organiziers.

  57. i love when they have the cheap crayon deals – I always buy lots of crayons. I LOVE crayons. Dunno why, just do. My son, however, has not inherited my reverence for them – I go nuts when I find em on his floor or broken and he couldn’t care less. I still have several sets of older crayons, the ones I consider vintage, the ones with only the english color word to identify them. They’re hidden away in the basement 🙂

  58. I’m so confused! Where are we supposed to post our comment for the entry? Hopefully I’m posting in the right place…

    Anyways, I love shopping for notebooks and clothes for back to school! 🙂

  59. My favorite back to chool item is a new set of clothes complete with new shoes, socks, and underwear.

  60. I like the combo folders, putting the paper in the folders and of course markers and lots of pens.

  61. I think I would have to say the notebook paper and the composition books used for science labs. I just feels so professional and important.

  62. My favorite back to school item is the Wallet! Easy to carry lunch money in, plus ID and allergy info .

  63. I will not shop at Sears because they are not family friendly. They offer disgusting sex books that are an abomination and other such trash. Say “NO” to Sears!!!

  64. I would make a lousy personal shopper because I mainly shop at garage sales. If I win, I would end up buying something for my hubby & jewelry for me.

  65. I found a backpack at Wal-Mart that is a completely see-through mesh (and Tinkerbell). Genius!!! You can see at a glance if your child has packed their lunch, which books are brought home, and whether or not they are using their backpack as a trash bin!

  66. Favorite back to school shopping will be for everything, getting the best bargains I can, but art supplies are the most fun other then clothes.

  67. I saw a display at Walmart yesterday where one can buy individual colors of Sharpie pens and highlighters. There were at least 20 pen colors and 5 highlighter colors. So cool!

  68. Everyone loves shopping for new school supplies and clothing..this would help me get my daughter ready for first grade! Thanks for the chance!

  69. My favorite back to school item was always new pens, pencils and notebooks. I was a total nerd – lol. I LOVED your post and would chose you as my personal shopper any day!!

  70. My favorite Back to School item is new clothes. I love getting new clothes for my kids for their first days back to school.

  71. Notebooks. Notebooks are so, so, so wonderful. I buy them in bulk – more than I’ll ever need for class – just because I take note of everything. Sketches, short stories, ideas (silly and otherwise), dreams, reminders…write it all down!

  72. I am a pen freak, as I love to write and still love doing so in ink instead of by way of computer. My husband brings me back pens from work travels but the best ones are those with the chubby padded tops that always go on sale when school starts! I am in heaven!
    The most beloved school item for kids I love to find is a GREAT deal on tennies!

    • My favorite back to school item are the backpacks . I love back packs because you can find great desings

  73. School supplies like backpacks, lunchboxes, thermoses, folders, pencils because it ends up feeling like those things are cheaper than a bunch of new outfits and when you let your kid pick them they feel really special.

  74. I was always excited about getting new shoes! Our kids are probably most excited about backpacks, since they wear uniforms and don’t get to express themselves through their clothing.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  75. Favorite? Wow that’s so hard to pick because I enjoy shopping for everything from crayons to the perfect outfit for the 1st day of school.

    If I have to pick one, though, it will be choosing a backpack. That’s something that gets used daily and takes a lot of wear and tear.

  76. My favorite back to school items would be classroom supplies. I homeschool my kids so back to school time is like Christmas in our household.

  77. Well…I don’t have a favorite back to school item. We homeschool, so we don’t participate in the back to school consumerism hoopla come every August. 🙂 We buy what we need throughout the year instead and we don’t have to fight the crowds at the stores.

  78. I’d love to get new clothes. Sure could use a new wardrobe. Thx.


  79. My favorite back to school otem has to ne backpacks. they have soooo many sytyles and designs to choose from. i love looking at all of them.

  80. You’d be fantastic as a personal shopper because you KNOW where to find the DEALS!!! (hint, hint!)

    • And my favorite back to school item is jeans. It always seems like they fit fine at the beginning of the summer and then they become “high-waters” by the end!!!

  81. I would have to say the New Clothes & Shoes were my Favorite back to school Items, and the Cool Binders

  82. New shoes signal the return to school. Always a treat to see those clean new shoes even if it’s just for one day!

  83. Backpacks! I love helping my kids pick out their new backpacks for the school year. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. Just my 16 year old left, so young men’s sneakers and backpacks always need the purchase of a spare now, before the prices jump back up.

  85. my favorite is having my kids pick out new school shoes. they really enjoy tht, and with all the different styles & colors, it lets them express there individuality.

  86. School shopping with the kids, as hubby doesn’t go so after we are done shopping we have a fashion show when we get home for dad 🙂

  87. I always love shopping for folders, paper, glue, pens/pencils, all supplies! I just love the smell of the supplies. I makes me want to go to school again!

  88. My kids are older and no longer need school supplies, but that doesn’t stop me from going out and getting some new pens or note pads!! Used to pour over the sales as a kid looking for the best products with the best prices!!!

  89. I think this is the only day when my son looks fresh, excited and has a great glow in his eyes! The right outfit makes the morning flow much smoother! I’ve also found the the short sets are great on getting the great look all at once instead of doing the mix and match.

  90. I love buying the school supplies…backpacks, paper, colored pencils, etc. It reminds me of being a kid again!

  91. I love getting the kids new clothes but since my boys are in middle school now they where school shirts so we will only have to get shorts and shoes. But my daughter is in elementary so we get to buy some cute outfits can’t wait.

  92. I always loved getting new shoes for the school year. I can remember getting them on my feet and feeling like I could run faster and farther than I could an hour ago because of those shoes. LOL

  93. My favorite back to school items are any cloths that are on clearance for my boys! They seem to outgrow everything so fast.

  94. Thank you for the e-mail about the web site being down.. I thought it was my computer not letting me do things lol thank you again for all that you do for all of us!

  95. My Favorite Back to School item is the First day of School outfit and Shoes, My son looks so Great in his new outfit and shoes and fresh haircut I take so many pictures the first day of school that he gets so impatient….LOL

  96. My favorite back to school item is always the “opening” outfit that is worn to the first day of school! 🙂

  97. I dread back to school shopping! But I love the way all the kids look on their first days back with new uniforms!

  98. My son is only 2 so I’ve yet to enjoy the back to school shopping for him but I remember I loved getting new clothes LOL, wonder if he’ll feel the same in a few years 🙂

  99. My favorite back to school item is Crayola crayons. I always love the fresh smell & excitement of a new school year.

  100. I love back to school shopping; like picking out five subject notebooks,black/blue ink pens, whiteout correctors, and the backpacks.

  101. My favorite back to school item is any & all of the office supply items! I am a collector & that is my favorite section (after books) in any store.

  102. Nice newsletter. I look forward to opening my inbox daily, hoping to see one. Thanks for all your hard work!

  103. Love shopping for my daughter’s back to school clothes, backpack and shoes, but my fave is picking out the best first day of school outfit

  104. My favorite back to school item is really cute backpacks or tote bags that I can carry my books in!

  105. my favorite back to school item used to be the crayons but now that I have 2 kids in college I guess my favorite would be the back to school specials on the computers and everything electronic. It seems like every year we have to buy one of them a new lap top or other electronic items.

  106. New shoes!! Waiting all summer to get new shoes for school was the best part of back to school!!

  107. I love buying new school supplies. Fresh new pencils, blank notebooks, all that good stuff!

  108. As a child my favorite back to school item was a lunch box. I couldn’t wait to get my favorite TV show characters on my lunch box! Thanks SO much for the giveaway!

  109. I love the fist day outfit…It is fun to pick that out and see the kids in it. That is my favorite,

  110. New school supplies, there is always something that is popular every year and a variety of options at kmart! 🙂

  111. I have three little boys to get ready for back to school. Clothes, shoes, lunch boxes, water bottles, paper, pencils, crayons, you name it … they need it.

  112. A large back pack is on my list. One large enough for my notebook computer and other gadgets i should not bring to school.

  113. sorry about the duplicate answer…it said i already answered when i didnt!! LOL!!!

  114. My favorite was and still is the variety of supplies ie: pencils, pens, erasers, paper, folders, etc… I love all this stuff and it continues to clutter my desk today lol

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