levenger iphone 5 case

Easy Carrying Case For Smartphones

How often do you have to go out of the house to run an errand and forget your phone?  Or grab your purse and wonder why the heck you are carrying so much with you when all you really need is your phone and money?  I have had both scenarios occur to me on several occasions, and both can be an inconvenience.  The one thing I never like to leave the house without is my cell phone.  If you have experienced the same things, then you may be interested in the Raffinato Phone Case by Levenger.  This is a fashionable and easy carrying case for smartphones as well as the new iPhone 5.

It is funny how I have come to rely on my phone as a sense of security.  The times I have forgotten my phone seems to create a small sense of anxiousness, like this will be time that something will happen and no one will be able to contact me or vice versa.

Raffinato Phone Case

The Raffinato Phone Case is the perfect way to ensure your phone is always right where it should be – with you!  It is a leather phone case designed to keep your phone and money/credit cards safe and sound.  There are 4 inside pockets to easily carry your credit cards and membership cards.  Then on the outside there two pockets that can fit your business cards, since you never want to be without those either.  This phone case is available in two colors, a light tan color or a reddish tinted color.

For ease of carrying, there is a top strap that has one end attached with a lobster-claw making it convenient to feed the strap through handles of bags.  The strap can also be used as a wristlet.

Here is a little bit of history on Levenger.  It first came into fruition in 1987 when they introduced their first catalog on sources of lighting.  However, since that time they have branched out and now offer many accessories for organization, inspiration or delight.

This Phone Case can normally be purchased for $69.00, but is currently on sale for $49.95 – this is such a bargain!