libre tea mugs

I have been drinking more tea lately and getting off of coffee.  While shopping around for tea bags I have noticed you can get more flavors in loose tea.  The problem?  I had nothing I could use that wouldn’t have me drinking the tea leaves as well.  You don’t know how happy I was when Libre came into my life.

Libre tea was started in 2006 by Wendy after a tea tasting in China.  They have been growing strong since then.  You can find out more about her trip and the teas she tried on the website.

I have the 10 oz Mug and the 9 oz Libre glass ‘n poly Original.  I enjoy them both as the Libre glass can go anywhere you want to go.   There are two ways to use the Libre glass for steeping tea or tea that does not have a steeping time.  The filter will keep the tea leaves away from your mouth so you can enjoy the tea with no worries.    I have used both methods as they are so fast and easy to use.  All you need is some hot water , about 1 teaspoon of your favorite tea and you are on the go.

I was at Basketball practice when I wanted some tea.  I grabbed my glass, tea and headed for the kitchen.  I was using Chai loose tea leaves.  I opened the glass and put the tea leaves in and then added the water as it didn’t need to steep.  I replaced the filter and lid and let it set for just a few minutes as I walked back to the bleachers.  I open the tea and enjoyed the aroma and the taste.  One of the dad’s asked me what I was drinking and from what.  He never heard of Libre tea either, but liked the orignal.  I finished and allowed him to use my mug and showed him how to make the tea.  I finally got the mug back the next week at practice.  His wife bought 2 sets.

The 9 Oz Libre Glass ‘n Poly Original is $24.00 the 10 Mugs is $32.50 and well worth the price for great tasting tea.  You can purchase Libre almost anywhere from their website to stores around you.  On the site they have a map you can click for your state and it will pull up all the possible stores.   Follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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