lightload towels

Anyone who travels prefers to pack as lightly as possible, not only because of all the airline restrictions now but just because it is too cumbersome to carry a bunch of heavy suitcases.  If you have traveled before then you have probably realized how easy it is to over pack, but then you probably also realized that there is probably a lot you did not really need to pack.

Save Space While Packing

One great way to save space while packing is to roll your clothes into a log shape.  Not only does this prevent wrinkling but it is also a great way to be able to carry a smaller suitcase since it allows for so much more room.  Another great way to pack is, if you have children, you can roll outfits together for each day and put them in separate small bags.  This is wonderful for the kids to just be able to grab that bag for the day and get dressed.

Light Load towels

Another way to save space while packing is by using Lightload Towels.  These are towels that come in tiny packages and grow larger when they get wet.  They are contained in waterproof packaging and are made from super-absorbent 100 percent viscose, like microfiber, and acts like a sponge absorbing up to nine times its weight in water.  However, it actually is lighter when wet.  Here are some other benefits to using Lightload Towels:

  • Absorb more and dry quicker than cotton and microfiber
  • Handle easier when wet
  • Are soft against the skin
  • Provide insulation against the heat and cold
  • Act as great survival tools

Here is a great example of how small and convenient Lightload Towels are to carry with you.  Their full-sized beach towel is packaged to fit easily in a pants pocket and weighs less than two bandanas.  Beach towels can be very heavy so this works very well for making the load a lot lighter when traveling.

They offer a variety of sizes to choose from, such as hand towels, 12 x 12 towels and beach towels.  You can take these with you to the gym, sauna, use as a golf towel, take with you backpacking, biking, fishing, and more.  One of the great things also is that because they are so in expensive, you can just dispose of them when you are done.

The founder of Lightload Towels is George “Wideload” (trail moniker) Wheeler.  He is an avid long distance hiker.  Incredibly, in 1999 he completed the 2160-mile Appalachian Trail.  The following year in 2000, he hiked the 540 miles of Virginia to West Virginia on the Appalachian Trail all over again.  It was an incredible experience that was worth being repeated. It was in on his 1999 hike that he got the idea for Lightload Towels.

Visit Lightload Towels today to see all the sizes and styles they have to offer.  If you are doing some traveling for the holidays, these would be great to throw in your bags.  Lightload Beach Towels sell for $9.95.


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