Like & Win Social Battle Business Edition

What is it?
Like & Win Social Battle Business Edition is a competition among businesses with Facebook pages (called Battle participants) to engage each others readers (LIKEer) to LIKE their Facebook pages. The contest will be for one week. The Battle participants will have a “contest” against each other to see who can get the most people to like the other contestant’s pages. The Battle winner will get their participation fee refunded to them.
Why would LIKEer want to participate?
They will be entered into a contest to win $100 USD PayPal cash.  This will enable the contest to be entered worldwide.
How will the contest work?
A to-be-determined number of businesses (minimum of 10) will have a battle to see who can refer the most people to the other participants pages. Simply Stacie and Makobi Scribe will create a contest lasting one week advertising it on their Facebook pages, Twitter, blogs and email lists. In addition, we will all have a Facebook application via Rafflecopter where the LIKEers will like all our Facebook pages and tell who referred them to the application. All entries will be mandatory so everyone that enters will have to LIKE all of our pages. That will be the only entries (for FB likes). You can install this widget on your Facebook page, website or blog to help YOU win your participation fee back. Once the contest is live, we will ask all of the participants to mention the contest on their Facebook page. How little or how much you advertise is up to the businesses involved.  Keep in mind, however, the more referrals to the other Facebook pages, the better the chance of winning.
Why would a business want to be a “Battle participant”?
This contest will be for businesses who are interested in growing their Facebook Fan base in a fun, interactive way. The proof is in the pudding as they say. We have already had a similar contest for bloggers, and it had done so successfully our waiting list is backed up 4 months! The average amount of Like’s a blogger has received from this contest was 1,600 and the highest was 3,601.
How does a business get involved?
A  business can be involved in this contest by submitting $50 by paypal to and filling out the form. Both must be done in order to receive confirmation into the contest.

This contest is not associated with Facebook in any way; and the length of time, times per month, and number of participants may vary with participant interest.

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