The older I get the more I realize how important it is to take care of my skin. I want to look youthful for as long as possible. I also like to use products that are good for my skin/body now and in 20 years. Many companies that offer beauty products don’t take into consideration what the chemicals will do to your body years down the road. I want to be healthy for my children, husband, family, friends, and of course for myself. Lily Organics offers skin care products that are good for your skin now and your body forever. They are also a sponsor of our Go Green Event and sent me two of their skin care products for review. I was sent the rejuvenating enzyme mask and balancing facial toner both for normal/ combination/ oily skin type.

The rejuvenating enzyme mask was so yummy smelling. Yes, yummy! It smelled like honey and I seriously considered tasting it. The ingredients are honey, papaya, pineapple, certified organic comfrey, lily, horsetail, mint, vitamins E and C, and citrus seed extract. The combination of the ingredients help remove the buildup of dead skin cells and stimulate new and healthy growth. Living in Florida, my skin takes a beating from the sun, Lily Organics Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask helps rebuild and slow down the process of aging which can be caused by environmental factors. This is my kind of product. Lily Organics Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask was voted best mask by Natural Solutions and I can see why. A Trial size container is sold for $6.59 and a 1.66 fl. oz is sold for $28.79.

Balancing Facial Toner is the perfect solution to healing, toning, and hydrating your skin. After washing your face, you spray the balancing facial toner on your face or apply with a cotton ball. I personally like the “misty” feel so I just spray it on. The pure ingredients of Lily Organic Balancing facial toner aid as a anti-wrinkle ingredient as well as reduces inflammatory swelling and normalizing rough skin. Want to give it a try? Try a trial size bottle for $4.39. I love this product and would personally purchase the 3.4 fl oz which is sold for $16.79.

Caring for your face is important, I suggest checking out Lily Organics Balancing Facial Cleanser, Oil-Free Conditioning Serum, Balancing Facial Lotion, and Kissable Lips. Most of these items as well as the items I reviewed, can be purchased in a gift pack.

Lily Organics is a sponsor of the Go Green Event on October 5-11. Make sure you Like them on Facebook and check out their website: Lily Organics to win $25 to Lily Organics as part of the final package!