facial-for-skin-care1Time waits for no man or woman.  While we desperately try to hold on to our youth, signs of aging can show up on our face, hands, and other places on the body.  Crow’s feet are wrinkles that form on the temple and upper cheek around the eyes.  While there is no definitive cure or way to reverse aging and signs of getting older, you can prolong some aging effects.

Don’t Squint

Whether you wear sunglasses in the sun or a better prescription of eyeglasses to see, avoid squinting.  Contracting the larger muscles around the eye creates wrinkles.  Get in the habit of regularly wearing sunglasses (even on cloudy days) and go to the eye doctor every six months for a checkup.

Shield the Sun

Some people love the sun or seek it out, especially if they have certain forms of depression.  However, you should shield the sun from hitting your face.  Ultraviolet rays damage the skin’s collagen.  Sunscreen helps block UVA and UVB light.  However, be mindful that UVA, responsible for wrinkles, passes through car windows.  If you spend a lot of time in the car, wear sunblock.

Consider Your Line of Work

You don’t have to be a lifeguard or fisherman to develop crow’s feet.  As mentioned, squinting facilitates the formation of wrinkles around the eyes.  If you have a habit of squinting when you work, break the habit.  If you’re squinting while working due to the glare from your computer monitor, wear glasses or contacts.

Also, take breaks from working on a computer and consider the amount of light produced from the screen as well as the level of light in the room.  For example, if you’re working in the dark at night, you may be more likely to squint, which produces eye wrinkles.

Moreover, as we mention next, smoking is horrible for a number of reasons including the likelihood of formed wrinkles.  However, you don’t have to be a smoker to be affected by cigarette smoke.  Those who work in bars and nightclubs may also get crow’s feet as a result of second-hand smoke.

Don’t Smoke

Of course, you’ve likely heard about the health issues related to smoking, including developing heart disease.  However, smoking is horrible for the skin.  It damages collagen and it causes squinting!

Save Money

Saving money won’t actually prevent wrinkles (Though if you squint from the anxiety produced when spending money, maybe saving does help.)  Countless creams and beauty products are supposed to help smooth crow’s feet, yet very few of them actually help.  Rather than spend tons of money on special creams, take better care of your skin.

Regularly moisturize your skin.  In addition to helping to prolong wrinkles, moisturizer doesn’t make the skin look dry and dull.  Dry skin accentuates the presence of wrinkles.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money; find a good moisturizer that works well with your skin.  Look for a moisturizer that includes retinoids.

Get Botox

Botox is among the most effective ways to treat crow’s feet.  Botox injections weaken the obicularis orbis muscle.  Since it inhibits the contraction of the muscle, those who receive injections are much less likely to develop crow’s feet.  Botox minimizes the appearance of wrinkles you have and prevents new ones from forming.  You might consider Botox injections to address eye wrinkles and forehead lines.

Consider Fillers

Injected fillers plump the lines created by crow’s feet, smoothing them out.  Fillers work best when combined with Botox and help target crow’s feet that are visible when the face is relaxed.

Seek Chemical Peels

Surgical treatments, such as chemical peels and lasers, improve crow’s feet and inspire the regrowth of collagen.  Treatments that have minimal side effects (redness and peeling) also have minimal results.  Deep peels and laser treatments provide the most dramatic results but are likely to produce visible side effects.  Allow a week or a bit longer for your face to heal after receiving such treatments.

Moisturize at Night

Some people utilize a moisturizing face mask for nighttime.  Considering the average person sleeps for about eight hours per night, moisturizing while you sleep is a great way to treat your face as well as other body parts such as your hands.  Some people fill gloves with moisturizer and wear them to bed to keep hands looking younger.

People want to look their best for as long as possible.  If you want your peepers to remain wrinkle free, be sure to moisturize, abstain from squinting, and consider a number of medically-assisted solutions.

Dr. Ruth Hill Yeilding is the medical director and founder of YMD Eye & Face located in Winter Park, Florida. Board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, Dr. Yeilding had intense fellowship training in oculoplastics and facial cosmetic surgery. She earned her Bachelors Degree from Washington &  Lee University magna cum laude and received her Medical Doctorate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which was also conferred magna cum laude. During her undergraduate studies she was inducted into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honor society, and in medical school was elected to join the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. After completing an internship in Internal Medicine and General Surgery at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Yeilding went on to an ophthalmology residency at Vanderbilt University. She conducted advanced research in oculoplastics while at Vanderbilt, which is widely considered to be a premier center for aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Yeilding was extremely fortunate to be accepted into and to have completed a surgically intensive fellowship program with the highly regarded cosmetic facial surgeon John P. Fezza, M.D. at the Center for Sight in Sarasota, Florida. Dr. Fezza has developed advanced laser techniques with superior aesthetic outcomes which he taught to Dr. Yeilding, resulting in her substantial book of outcomes.