This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, Litter Genie® and Fancy Feast®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Catparents When I was growing up, we were strictly a dog only family. My mom raised and showed Irish Setter dogs, so we always had a few of them running around the house. Mom was not a huge cat person, so I never had my own cat until I was grown and out on my own. I prefer cats to dogs for the fact they are so much easier to train and take care of. I am inherently lazy, so getting up at all hours to take a dog out for a walk is more than I can muster. So give me a cat or two any day of the week and I am a happy camper!

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I have two cats, Hazel and Meep and they are the loves of our house. The kids and I got them when they were abandoned at just 4 weeks old. We hand fed them until they were able to move onto solid food. My daughter has a cat names Fiona and she only uses Fancy Feast canned cat foods for her. I had no idea what food to feed Meep and Hazel, so I was happy for the recommendation from my daughter. The cats took to the Fancy Feast right away and we have served them nothing else since.

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I trust this brand because they have been preparing the most enjoyable gourmet meals for your cat for more than 25 years. Their quest for culinary perfection is a pursuit to bring love and joy along with balanced nutrition. y cats love that every delicious Fancy Feast selection is made with high-quality protein sources and ingredients.


When it comes to where the cats do there business, our options in this small house are limited. Unless you want them doing it in the kitchen or in the bedrooms, the bathroom is the only choice. This bathroom is super small, so we have the litter box in the bathroom closet. None of us care for cleaning the litter box, so I had to find a system that would make it as easy as possible. I prefer the Litter Genie system because the pail is self contained and it comes with it’s own refills. The Litter Genie itself was super easy to set up. All you do is open the lid, insert the bag container and close the lid and you are ready to go. There is even a holder for the litter scoop, which also comes with the Litter Genie system.

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The Litter Genie is perfect for small spaces and it keeps the odors to a minimum and you aren’t running back and forth to the kitchen to get a shopping bag to put the waste in. All you do is scoop the clumps from the litter box, open the lid to drop in the clumps, pull the handle to seal in the cat’s waste and you are done! The Litter Genie has a unique air-tight design helps keep smells in even when you open the lid and you can seal the waste for up to 14 days! Currently, if you shop at Target for your Fancy Feast and Litter Genie products, you can get a great deal! They have an offer where you can buy any TWO (2) Fancy Feast® 24 pack OR Litter Genie® Pail/Refill and get a free Cat Toy or Friskies party mix cat treat, while supplies last. You need to hurry because the offer is only good through 4/11/15. Be sure to stay connected and follow Fancy Feast on Facebook and Twitter as well as following Litter Genie on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well.