looster-tips-for-potty-training-toddlersTips Potty Training Boys

The Lil Looster saved my life, or at least my sanity. My 3-year-old son was having the hardest time graduating from the small potty chair, that frankly was too little for him, and peeing all over my bathroom floor. It is hard for a mom to teach tuck in when there is no place to tuck in to! I needed him to graduate to the big boy potty (aka the toilet) but he was always afraid he would fall in. The day the Lil Looster came was a joyous occasion in my house. Jakobi loves to receive packages and he likes “special” things just for him. When I told him this was his “special” potty bench, he was very excited and wanted to try it right away.  Don’t you know it, he pooped all by himself and then came and told me. I was so happy that he was no longer afraid of the toilet and we could dedicate the smaller potty chair to my youngest son.

The Lil Looster Booster Potty Training Essentials

Everyone knows Potty training two year olds is no fun! There is tread on the Lil Looster making it safe for the little ones to step up and not slip, although it is a pain in the booty to clean. I would rather have to clean a step stool more often than to have my boy slip and bump his head on the toilet. You can get the Lil Looster for around $39 and it is sold in Toys R Us now! This is one of those items that I am so thankful to have run across. Every time Jakobi uses it, he feels like he accomplished something great and in the beginning even called his Daddy and Grandma to boast of his accomplishments.

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