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Could You Live Without The Internet

These days most people are never far away from a device that connects them to the internet.  In fact, it is not uncommon for people to own multiple devices with internet connectivity such as smart phones, tablets, desktop computers and e-readers.

It is therefore no surprise that a recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation stated that in order to live a reasonable lifestyle individuals need access to the internet.  So could you ever live without the internet? Check out our addiction levels below and how long we think you would last!

Mild Internet Addiction

You check your phone maybe every hour or so, however you are happy to turn it off when you are at dinner with friends.  Even though your internet addiction is mild, you have accepted the fact that you have to use it on a regular basis in this day and age.  Certain friends and family members often get annoyed that you never seem to update your Facebook or Twitter feeds and you take over an hour to reply to a text.  For you, giving up the internet for a weekend is not only easy but also something you would probably enjoy!

Moderate Internet Addiction

If you leave your phone at home you feel awkward all day, however in your heart of hearts you know that you can just about do without.  At the same time, you love checking Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis in order to keep up with your friends and favourite celebs. It is likely that you own two or more devices such as a smart-phone and a tablet (complete with matching cases obviously).  Giving up the internet may be difficult for you, however once you get over the initial period you could probably cope.

Major Internet Addiction

Wake up, check your phone; take a break at work, check your phone; get into bed to go to sleep, well you don’t want to miss anything while you’re snoozing!  There is no way that you would ever feel comfortable not having a number of devices that you can connect to the internet with, and the idea of your internet connection being slow gives you nightmares.  In your ideal world you would have a leased line connection in your home as well as the latest and most advanced desktops, tablets, e-readers, smart phones and anything else for that matter.  Unfortunately, this means that living without the internet is not for you, but at least you can read about other people doing it online!

At the end of the day the reason why the internet is so addictive is because it opens up a world of opportunities.  Whether you like reading articles, playing games, purchasing or bidding on vintage clothes or just talking about cats, you can find a website that is right for you.  With all this and more it doesn’t look like most peoples’ internet addictions will be getting any better any time soon!

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