Smartfood Snacks

Recently I was invited to a Smartfood event. I was compensated for this opportunity but it is a product I believe in. One of our favorite snacks in my house are the snacks from Smartfood. I feel great about serving these snacks because they show what a balanced snack is. Self magazine partnered with Smartfood this summer to find the SMARTest city in the USA. The city that was chosen and the people who live there, showed what it meant to live a SMART lifestyle. The gorgeous city of San Francisco was chosen as the SMARTest city for their values they show in how they live and eat. The City by the Bay was chosen for their unique aspects of the SMART profile by:

  • Savvy: They have more then 25 farmer’s markets with fresh local products
  • Motivated: 43,000 of the residents in San Francisco use a bicycle as their mode of transportation
  • Accomplished: The city has the 2nd largest number of female college graduates
  • Responsible: More than 1,000 hotel properties are certified as “green” and “eco friendly”
  • Thoughtful: The city houses almost 600 philanthropies

Living A Balanced Life

Living A Balanced Life

To help kick off the event held at the beautiful Union Square in San Francisco, Brooke Burke-Charvet from Dancing With The Stars was the emcee. When you think of living a balanced life, Brooke is a great role model to look to. Brooke is a busy wife and mother of four who successfully juggles a busy career, is the Co-CEO of a popular website and has even written a book.  To kick off the day long event, Brooke gave the starting signal to the Rubik’s Cube Contest. Dan Dzoan, who solved the puzzle in just 23 seconds won a Smart Car, compliments of Smartfood. We got a kick out of Dan giving Brooke a few tips on solving the puzzle. Brooke laughed and said she was going to tell her kids she actually solved it!

trivia tent

Among the areas of interest at the event was the Smartfood Trivia tent. This was a huge hit and the line stayed quite long all day. Each participant was given a multiple choice question to answer and the winners were awarded such prizes as a $50 or $250 Visa gift card, a solar phone charger and even a Kindle! I was lucky enough to get a correct answer, and I won a $50 Visa gift card!

Panel Discussion

One of the most exciting activities for me was being invited, along with my fellow bloggers, to a panel discussion with Brooke Burke-Chavet and Marissa Stephenson, an editor with Self magazine. Marissa lends advice and gives tips to Self’s 12 million readers and still manages to run marathons, hike, bike, raft and read. Brooke shared with us that health and fitness are a large part of her life. She said she loves the Smartfood snacks because those ready to eat choices are so important. I asked Brooke how she and her family make staying active fun and she said they ride their scooters throughout their neighborhood! Marissa shared with us that when she wakes up, she always hydrates before she caffeinates. She also told us that quick bursts throughout your day are better than spending hours at the gym. We really enjoyed meeting these women who we felt were definitely SMART women!


To end the day on an active note, several of the staff from Self, Frito-Lay and a few of my blogger buddies did a 10 minute fitness boot camp. This was a great visual for me to connect what Marissa told us about working those short bursts of activity into our day. I honestly can say I left this event truly inspired to live a balanced life and be a SMART woman myself! After spending a few days in San Francisco, I completely understood why it was named the SMARTest city. It is pedestrian friendly, is clean, beautiful, the people are super friendly and I ate some amazing food.