logitech-keyboard-caseThe Logitech keyboard by ZAGG is simply amazing. The aircraft aluminum design creates a beautiful bond between iPad2 and keyboard. They seem to fit as though they are one. When I am away from home, the Logitech keyboard by ZAGG make my travels easier. Now I have an all-in-one carrying case that fits my busy lifestyle. This case is so much more than a case though. It is a case with a keyboard. The keyboard is sleek and stylish. The keys operate smoothly and the connectivity is a snap with the bluetooth pairing feature. Pairing the device is quick and easy. You can also charge your keyboard with its USB port. No more worrying about battery life, and making sure you have enough fresh batteries for the trip, adn as much as I have been traveling lately this has really, really come in handy.

When typing on your iPad2 with your Logitech keyboard, you can use the CMD feature to create shortcuts. I found this to be a very useful and handy feature. Another really cool feature is the stand portion of the keyboard. It allows you to either view your iPad2 in portrait or landscape. Excellent for checking quick emails, or spending time browsing through pictures. And changing from portrait to landscape is a snap. Literally, you snap the iPad2 into the keyboard stand, pair the keyboard to your iPad2 and done. It’s that simple.

The Logitech keyboard by ZAGG was created for me. I just know they had me in mind when deciding on a portable keyboard and case design. Someone who is on the go and needs their iPad2 and accessories to work quickly and easily. With my hectic schedule it’s good to know my iPad2 is safe and secure when traveling. Plus the Logitech keyboard by ZAGG is elegant and has a sophisticated look about it. So, I have no problem having a business lunch and bringing my iPad2 with me. The Logitech keyboard for my iPad2 is fantastic. I love it. Do you want one too? You will have the chance to win one on the Mother’s day gift ideas event from May 1 – 18.