logitech-touch-mouse-m600-glamour-image-lgTypically, with most things I purchase, I don’t always purchase the best, just because I can usually still find good quality without having to pay more for it.  The two things I make exceptions for and never skimp on are bedsheets and computer mice.  I guess I like a nice soft night’s sleep and I’ve found how much easier life can be with a good mouse (especially when a good portion of my day is spent staring at a computer screen).

For the last 10+ years, the only mice I’ve used have been Logitech.  After going through one crummy mouse after another, I decided to stop being cheap and look for something of better quality.  I found Logitech and have been a loyal customer ever since.  That first Logitech mouse I bought actually still works, but I’ve since upgraded due to improved technology.  Logitech’s mice are always comfortable (most have exceptional ergonomic design), stylish, have tons of features, and they always offer a wide variety so that you can find a mouse that has the exact features you want for a price that you can afford.

I had the opportunity to try Logitech’s U.S. Touch Mouse M600.  I actually didn’t know these types of mice even existed, so when I heard about the concept, I was super excited.  This mouse is sleek in design (really, it looks like something out of the future) and fit my hand really well.  There are no buttons or scroll wheel on it.  It operates the same way your touch screen phone works.  Simply by running your fingers over the mouse and tapping instead of clicking.  The scrolling wasn’t choppy like with traditional scroll mice, it was very smooth, just like my touch screen phone.  When you’ve used normal clicky mice for years like I have, it definitely took some getting used to, but once I had it down, it became second nature.  Also, just like a touch screen phone or other device, you can control how quickly you scroll, which is something traditional mice don’t do very well.  If you’d like to scroll slowly, you just move your finger slowly.  If you need to just get to the bottom of the page, you give it a quick flick of the finger and it scrolls down quickly.

Now, here’s some really cool features that are hard to come by.  This mouse isn’t just for righties.  Since it’s symmetrical, it can easily be used by southpaws as well, just by switching a few quick settings.  And get this – you can choose whether you want to use one or two batteries!  What?!  Yep, that’s right – if you prefer a lighter mouse (for frequent travelling, etc.) you can choose to just use one AA battery for three months of battery life, or you can use two AA batteries for a more solid feel and a full sixth months battery life!

This mouse retails at only $69.99, which in the world of quality mice, is quite a bargain.  Since Father’s Day is in a few days you should pick up the newLogitech U.S. Touch Mouse M600 and have him be the coolest person in the office.  Pretty soon, everyone else will want to catch up to the coolest new technology on the market! Put your Dad at the forefront! Logitech is one of the many Father’s day gift ideas from Makobi Scribe.