Look Good On A Budget

We have been a one income family more than we have been a two income family for more than 10 years now. When I became pregnant with my middle child, my husband and I decided I would quit my job in restaurant management and stay home to the kids. That decision was the best yet most difficult decision we have ever made. We have struggled and cut corners to make it work, and we have gotten it down to a science. It is more difficult to stick with our budget around the holidays than any other time of the year. With family coming into town, the big meals and the gifts, you can really go overboard. Add in a fashion conscience teenager and you feel a bit like the plate spinner at the circus! Here is how we allow Caitlin to stay fashionable without breaking the bank!

3 Wyas To Be Fashion Forward On A Budget

3 Ways To Be Fashion Forward On A Budget

  1. Thrift Or Resale Stores: We have a ritzy part of town that has a few thrift stores we love to visit. If you comb through enough of the goods, you are always sure to find one or two designer pieces for under $10. We also have a resale shop that specializes in clothing and accessories for teens. We always find some goodies for Caitlin when we are there!
  2. Clothing Swaps: I have several friends with kids who are close in age. This makes it perfect to swap out clothes with each other. Because the kids hardly ever wear out their clothes, they can get “new” outfits that have been worn only a few times.
  3. Online Bargains: Finding a store online that offers their clothing and accessories at a discount can be a huge boon. The trick is to find one that offers a higher quality product that is affordable. The one store I have found that meets both of these criteria is Cents of Style, where the savvy girl shops.

cents of style

I just love Cents of Style because they have an ever changing inventory that is always full of trendy merchandise. My pocketbook cannot keep up with Caitlin’s ever changing wardrobe. Just when I think I have packed her closet full of cute clothing and accessories, she is tired of everything, or it has gone out of style. With Cents Of Style, I can afford to keep up with the trends without busting my bank account wide open. I was sent the cutest pair of leggings and beanie for Caitlin from Cents of Style. They look great together or separate, but either way, they are fashionable, Caitlin looks stylish and I can let her look good on a budget!

The black and white striped leggings are incredibly soft, comfortable and very well made. At just $20 per pair, I can afford to get an entire outfit and still have money left over! The black knit slouchy beanie is right on trend right now and at $20 as well, it fits perfectly into my budget. Cents of Style also offers a huge selection of shoes, tops, bottoms, hair accessories, jewelry and more. You can stay current with Cents of style by following them on Instagram. Currently, Cents of Style is offering our readers an exclusive 20% off discount code to be used through the end of the year (as/31/14). Just use MAKOBISCRIBE at checkout to receive your discount.

How do you stay fashionable and look good on a budget?