I have a crazy “love” with decorative pillows. My husband is constantly complaining that we have too many throw pillows on the couch and bed. But I love it! I think pillows look so cute and they make my house feel so “homey”. I was thrilled when Look Here Jane sent me a pair of green zebra pillow covers. I thought they would look perfect on one of my couches. A few months back, I attempted to make my own pillow covers. They didn’t turn out so well. First of all, I should have double stitched the stitching because it’s already ripping. Second of all, I sewed around the pillow instead of creating a pocket or envelope opening for my pillows. Being that I am a crazy germ-a-phob this was not a good idea!

The pillow covers sent by Look Here Jane are the complete opposite of the pillow covers I attempted to make. They are perfect! The fabric is a quality thick designer material. The seams are zig-zag surged for durability; they won’t be ripping like my home-made pillows. The pillow covers are also made with envelope enclosures. I love this style because I can remove the pillow insert and put pillow covers in the washing machine when the kids touch them with their grubby hands or the dog lays on them (I know, I’m totally anal).  The back right of the pillow covers have a designer label of “Look Here Jane”. Both of the Zebra Green Pillow Covers are 18” x 18” and sold for $39.99 on the Look Here Jane Etsy website. Zebra Green fabric not your style, check out the other great pillow covers offered at Look Here Jane. There is a beautiful selection and a great way to add color to your furniture!

Look Here Jane is the perfect shop for adding decorate accents to your home. Besides selling great pillow covers, Look here Jane has beautiful accent pieces such as decorative dishes.
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