I’m a grown up and I don’t have any kids.  So I have to admit, when I was told I would be reviewing Lovable Labels since they are marketed to kids.  I considered finding some other kids to stick them to but then I realized that would probably be frowned upon, so I needed a new plan.

First, the easy part:  I got the stickers and immediately did some stickin’!

  1. They stick.
  2. They are easy to unstick if you want to.
  3. They are colorful (colors distract me)
  4. I figured out why people without kids would care!


Here are a few scenarios why you folks with kids need these stickers.

Scenario One:  You have boys who don’t get along

Won’t share their toys?  Well now they don’t need to.  Give them an even number of stickers, but make sure there are two fewer stickers than toys.  They will have to make decisions, compromise, and you will know which one of them is smarter when he or she moves his sticker from toy to toy.

Scenario Two:  Allergies

What if I am having a party for my nephew or something and you want to send your kid who is allergic to peanuts, dogs and…air?  Well, just put that on a sticker and send him over.  I’ll keep him away from the peanut butter cookies, Rover and he can sit in his own diving helmet while I put some Bit-O-Honey’s through his tube.  Everyone has fun and thanks to the stickers, he is fine!

Scenario Three: Food

I admit, this is not going to be all that helpful, but the whole sticker/label thing made me think of something funny that happened to me when I was a kid.  You know when you were supposed to put take the Campbell’s Soup labels into school so you could get red kick-balls?  Well I did it, but I took off the labels before we ate the stuff.  So for a long time afterward, every dinner was a mystery.  I’m not saying that a bunch of stickers that just say “can of food” would be better, but it would be funny!

So, overall, the Lovable Labels work exactly as advertised and I am SURE you can find something to do with them.  So get going!

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