There is already enough stress revolving around the holidays, why not reduce some of that stress by making shopping easier? I constantly hear people complaining about how much the dislike shopping around the holidays. There are many factors for the reasoning such as the miles of traffic wrapping around the mall, the many stolen parking spaces along with the stolen patience, and the extremely painful lines they stand in for hours. What ever it may be, this is their least enjoyable experience during the holiday season. Especially, when it comes to Black Friday.

I am the complete opposite when it comes to this amazing shopping holiday of the year! I get so excited to wake up before the sun even has a chance to rise, grab me a cup a Joe and my exceeding long and organized list, and book it to my favorite stores. This year I will even be heading out on Thanksgiving day to stand in the long lines. I am usually finished before any of my relatives have changed out of their pajamas and take home my loot of amazing gifts. If I loved Black Friday shopping so much and everyone I knew hated it, why not become their personal shopper! It will make shopping easier for them and bring in some extra cash into my pocket. I will even be able to suggest items I see in Sears, Kmart and LandEnd while I am waiting in these super long lines with the app I have on my phone.


It is super easy and fun to use! Simply, create an account as a personal shopper and start adding all of your family and friends to your clientele list. You can also use ShopYourWay to create personalized catalogs for your clients to help them out on their shopping adventure. Did you know that you can access all of the great brands and stores like Sears, Kmart, MyGofer, LandsEnd, PartsDirect and Craftsman right on You can browse through all of the stores and create catalogs to share with your friends, family and personal shoppers. Once they sign up as your client, you can start sharing and recommending great products and services. You will be able to help your clients decide between items, choose items for them or even create whole “decor looks” or shopping lists within the catalog.


With every qualifying purchase they make you will earn 1% commission. If you accumulate 20 or more clients that start buying awesome Sears products while using their Shop Your Way membership number, you will earn an additional 1% commission. Since it is right before the biggest shopping time of the year, it should not be too hard. People are already shopping, why not take advantage of it. They can save money by signing up with ShopYourWay, you can help them find the gifts they need, and you make commission!! Sign up today and start making shopping easier for everyone you know and add some extra change for your piggy bank this holiday season. You can see below the money I have already started to earn on my account.