Thank you to LUNA Protein for providing me a LUNA Protein sample pack to review. The opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint.


Today, when my Luna Protein bars arrived, I was hungry and craving chocolate. What perfect timing don’t you think? Nutrition is important for your kids, and we all know that; but keeping yourself nutritiously fed is just as important to keep up with the kids. I am on a diet. so I figured just one bite so I can see how it tastes; but then I read the calorie content and ingredient information and  was pleased I could subsitite this as a lunch bar! It was packed full of protein and other great ingredients to give this mom the afternoon energy lift I needed.

I could not decide which one to try, so I opened them all to take a bite of each one. Oh My! Chocolate Peanut Butter was so good! It is for sure my favorite and I could eat one of these every day. It did not have that funky taste a protein bar can have and tasted well, like chocolate and peanut butter! My next favorite was the heavenly Chocolate Cherry Almond. This had the dark chocolate outside surrounding and almond nougat with cherry pieces! Again, no funny protein bar taste, but instead tasted like a real treat. Dare I say like a candy bar? That good. I love that you can eat one of these bars full of nutrition and it is under 200 calories. I sometimes do not have the time to make myself a nutritious sit down lunch or snack when I am on the go, and this is a smart treat that fits right in my purse.

The only problem that I have found with Luna was when I turn my back, I have to be careful of them being stolen! Seems even though these bars are made just for moms, they taste so good kids think they are candy bars! You can try Luna too! Five winners will get to try Luna by filling out the Rafflecopter form below:


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