Lunchbox Notes For Kids

Lunchbox Notes For Kids

Are you one of those moms that put lunchbox notes for kids in your child’s lunch bag?  I don’t do it every day, but I do try to put a little note in Caitlin’s lunch.  Caitlin has had a tough time adjusting to middle school and there have been many days she came home telling us about being made fun of and struggling to make friends.  It is heart breaking to see your child so vulnerable and you are left feeling so helpless.  I try to encourage her with little notes to tell her I am thinking of her and she is awesome just the way she is.  I am glad to have an older daughter who can relate with Caitlin and they can talk about this awkward phase in a girl’s life.

Say Please is a tremendous company that has taken a really creative approach for encouraging others.  Judi Willard, a licensed psychotherapist and her longtime friend, Mary Fuller, a journalist, worked together to give a positive alternative to the negative sayings they saw advertised.  I know how that feels as my sister had a picture of a bee on her car with the word “Bee-Otch” and even my mom had one!  I was mortified that my 70 year old mother would put that on her car!  So the two friends started the Say Please company that markets positive messages via greeting cards, clothing and their sweet line of Lunchbox Love.  The Lunchbox Love cards are sets of positive messages on the front and fun facts on the back that you can slip into a lunchbox, backpack or any other place your child may see them.  You can also find Lunchbox Love for adults as well.  The Say Please products have been seen on, the Wall Street Journal and even the Today Show!!  A portion of the proceeds from Say Please goes to a specially selected charity that is dear to the two friends.  To show your support for encouraging others, please like Say Please on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or pin them on Pintrest.

Ways To Encourage Children

As a parent, we are always looking for ways to encourage children.  I am constantly praising my kids and telling them how great they are and how much I love them.  I didn’t get that from my parents so I knew I would never hurt my children as my parents hurt me.  It is almost funny to see us because we really do say “I love you” several times a day and they are usually at random times.  The other night we were watching TV, with the kids snuggled up on the sofa with me.  At one point, Henry said, “I love you mom, I love you dad I love you Caitlin”, and in turn we all did the same.  It was exactly like the ending on the Walton’s when everyone said goodnight!!  My family received 6 packs of the Lunchbox Love cards, including the Halloween set ($47.84). You can buy the sets of these credit card sized cards by the pack of 12 ($2.99) or in a set (from $5.98 to $47.84) and you can buy them for kids, adults or by the season.  We absolutely love our Lunchbox Love cards and we keep them in different rooms of the house so we can grab one and read it to the person closest to us.  It has been so rewarding and encouraging and I am thankful to have such kind women to empower us to live a more positive life.

The ladies at Say Please have created an exclusive  coupon code MAKOBI for our readers to get 15% off their order on the Say Please website.

One winner will receive the Lunchbox Love for Kids Volumes 33-48 + Lunchbox Love for Halloween Volumes 1&2. ($47.84)

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