Luxurious Faux Fur Blankets And Throws

Luxurious Faux Fur Blankets And Throws

I have been looking for luxurious faux fur blankets and throws for a while now.  What I have found so far are either poorly made or pricey or both!  I hate the faux fur (and I am stretching that a bit) that feels like a bad toupee or wig.  I have seen better rugs than these so-called faux fur blankets.  I was shopping with Henry a few days ago and we were at the discount store.  I found a “faux fur” pillow and I asked Henry what he thought of it.  He proceeded to tell me it looked like his sister’s bed hair in the morning!  Trust me that is not a compliment by any stretch of the imagination!  I had almost given up when an angel responded to one of my emails for a faux fur review.

Cozy Faux RobeRecently I had the pleasure of meeting a most professional, funny and kind hearted woman by the name of Deborah Price.  Deborah is the owner of Cozy Faux, a successful business that manufactures faux fur blankets and throws for people as well as their pets!  You can also find the plushest robes you have ever felt and really cool spirit hoods.  If you want an extremely scrumptious blankey for your baby, Deborah has those as well.  Deborah explained to me that she often sells to corporations that are interested in giving items from Cozy Faux to their employees.  Let me tell you; if I worked for a company that gave one of Deborah’s luxuriously soft blankets or throw, I would work there forever!!  I really could go on and on, but I think you should know about one of the most important aspects of Cozy Faux, which is Deborah’s commitment to giving back to her community.  For every 20 blankets Cozy Faux sells, one blanket is donated to It is so nice to hear that there are still people like Deborah that has a heart for those in need.  Way to go girl!!
Keep Warm And Cozy

Keep Warm And Cozy

When I spoke to Deborah on the phone, she promised to send me items to keep warm and cozy.  Anyone that knows me knows I am never at a loss for words.  That is a nice way of saying I talk too much! Well, that urban myth was busted wide open when I received my box from Cozy Faux.  I was so stunned by Deborah’s generosity and her absolutely gorgeous products, I could not speak!!  The first thing you will notice is the gorgeous sheer fabric bags the blankets/throws come in.  There was also a beautifully wrapped box which held the most decadently soft plush robes ($150.00).  This robe is so awesome that I threatened to wear it to the grocery store!  Each of the kids as well as myself, were sent a Cozy Faux blanket.  Henry was given the Green Camouflage/Chocolate ($186.00), Caitlin received the Chocolate/Pink ($186.00) and Chris and I were sent the Cream Lynx/Cream Rosebud ($186.00).  Not only are these the softest and most well-made throws I have ever seen, but they are bigger than I expected.  Usually a throw barely covers your knees.  Not the throws from Cozy Faux!  These are generously cut to a size 54×60 and are made from such high quality fabric that you will not believe your eyes!  To show you how awesome and gorgeous and deliciously soft these throws are, I want to share what my sweet Henry said.  When Henry opened his bag and pulled out his camo throw, he rubbed it on his cheek and then wrapped it around his shoulders and said, “MOM!!!  This is the softest blanket ever!!  I love it almost as much as I love you..but I love you a little more”.  I’m just sayin’.

Kids ThrowsOne reader will receive a chinchilla throw from Cozy Faux  ($186.00)

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  2. My favorite products are the Chic Blanket and the Ruby Slippers Silk Cotton Pom Pom Scarf !! They are beautiful! 🙂

  3. I tweeted again today @484pink Thank you!! I’m so cold here today i wish i had one of the throw blankets!!

  4. the chic blanket in brown rabbit royal blue, love the look and the color, though it does seem odd to call a blue rabbit brown.

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