Luxurious Silk Bedding

Luxurious Silk Bedding

Who doesn’t love the delicious feel of luxurious silk bedding?  I know I do!  There is something to be said about silk and what it represents.  For me, I love the richness of the look that you can only get from silk.  When I was younger, I thought the height of wealth was for those who slept on silk sheets with their head laying on a silk pillow case and they were covered in a silk duvet.  Another thing about silk is that you recognize it immediately!  What other fabric can you think of that can be so unique that it is instantly recognized by consumers worldwide?  I know, right?!

Sleep With Beautiful Silks
Kumi Kookoon is one of the leaders in all things silk!  The folks at Kumi Kookoon are passionate about bringing the luxury of silk to their customers and it is done so with perfection.  The customer service department at Kumi Kookoon will treat you as if you were a family member.  They want you to love your luscious silk from Kumi Kookoon as much as they do!  Chinese legend tells us that in 3,000 BC, a kookoon from a silkworm fell into the tea cup of the Emperor’s wife and the delicate threads unraveled in the water.  Ta da!  Silk was born!!  For many years, silk was only used and was worn by the most elite.  The demand for silk in Europe was so high that The Silk Road was built due to the high traffic from China to Europe.  For many years, silk was considered so precious that if silk fell into the wrong hands and was found using it, they were put to death!  WOW!!  They must have really loved silk huh?  I mean, I love Diet Coke but I am not going to risk my life for it!  Kumi Kookoon would love it if you took a moment to like them on Facebook.

Sleep With Beautiful Silks

If you want to feel rich, just sleep with beautiful silks for the bedroom.  If I could, I would wrap myself in silk and only silk, but since I can’t, I will go to plan “B”!  I was more than happy to review one of the gorgeous silk pillow cases from Kumi Kookoon.  It was tough to decide from their entire inventory, but I finally settled on a sage green pillow case ($175.00) from the French Pleats Bedding Collection.  I absolutely fell in love with this delicate case with its French pleats and the tie closure.  I even received a yummy sleep mask!  Can I please tell you how AH-Mazing the sleep mask feels on your tired eyes?  DELICIOUS!!  The other thing I love about silk is that it is naturally cool, so sleeping on this pillow case during the hot summer feels so great!  I cannot articulate how much I love my pillowcase and sleep mask from Kumi Kookoon.

One reader will win a pillowcase ($175.00) in their choice of color from the French Pleated Bedding Collection.

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  3. ri’d love the Classic Duvet Cove in Indigo or Peacock with the Custom Cashmere Throw in Cream w/ Indigo or Peacock trim. Gorgeous!

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