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Maintain Your Tan Longer With Fake Bake Review

Maintain Your Tan Longer

Do you have a hard time to maintain your tan longer?  I will admit I have been to the tanning bed a few times in my life.  The problem with tanning salons is there are expensive and once you stop going, the tan fades pretty quickly.  If you are outside getting yourself a natural tan, you may save money but you may not save your skin.  With all the issues related to getting some color from the sun, it really isn’t worth getting cancer to look good.  In my opinion, the best solution is to try a good self-tanner that will save you from long term damage.

Fake Bake is one of the industry’s leaders in self-tanning products.  With the news media running more and more stories of the health risks from tanning in or outdoors, Fake Bake went on a quest to make a product that would be safe for your skin while achieving a great tan.  What make Fake Bake different from other companies that sell self-tanning products are the ingredients they use.  With botanical extracts and no preservatives, there are no harmful ingredients in the Fake Bake products.  Another unheard of policy that Fake Bake abides by is their guarantee with all their products.  If for any reason you are not the happy with your Fake Bake product, they will refund your money.  Think about that for a minute..if a company is willing to put a guarantee behind their products, they must have a product that can uphold their claim.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

If you want to protect your skin from the sun, you need to find a good self-tanner and a product that will maintain that tan.  With a line of products that will give you a safe, even tan, you can rest assured they will have products to maintain that tan.  Fake Bake offered a bottle of their Gelee Daily Wash (retailing at $12.95) for me to review. I have not been one to use anything to extend or maintain my tan in the past.  It never really crossed my mind!  Well, this product from Fake Bake is really amazing.  With natural antioxidants, vitamins A and C and no sulfates or preservatives, you know you are getting a natural and safe product.  Well, that is all good but it won’t matter much if it doesn’t give the results you want.  Well, it does!  The daily cleanser is safe enough to use every day, it leaves no residue and it smells great too.  Along with their other great products, Fake Bake is on its way to becoming one of the top self-tanning companies around.

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