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Florida is hot. It is muggy. It has bugs and foliage everywhere. Sounds like a pool owners nightmare if all of this stuff ends up affecting the color and quality of the water that your kids swim in. Have you ever seen a pool with tadpoles swimming around? It can be a little disconcerting or it can be loads of fun if you are pretending you are at the local swimming hole! Once when I went on vacation my pool had been neglected for 3 weeks too long. It had gone from green, to dark green, and finally on to black. Mutant tadpoles hid under the carpet of leaves on the bottom and water bugs came up every once and a while for air. Great for an estuary but not so great for having company come over for swimming lessons. This year my kids are going to learn how to swim so I need to make sure they (or I ) won’t have anything to worry about when they hop into the water blowing bubbles with pride. It can be done easily in 4 steps with HTH Pool Care. hth

Easily Maintaining A Pool In Florida

  1. Balance: You need to know what the ph levels are before you can figure out how to fix the problem.
  2. Sanitize: HTH® Pool Care has 2 types of chlorine based sanitizers. This is what you would use to make sure your water is nice & clean. You can keep the tadpoles and algae out for the summer with a regular routine.
  3. Shock: You should shock your pool at least once a week in order to keep the odors out and to keep your eyes from burning. The shock treatment takes care of the chloramines.
  4. Prevent Algae: See the pool below. This is the beginnings of a disaster!

dirty pools This is my pool. I have had a hard time keeping the algae out. At one time my pool was the blackest black. After treating with the HTH® Pool Care products and several vacuumings, my house was ready for the pool party of the century!  clean pool You do not want your swimmers standing on the side while you are rescuing a pool from neglect, so make sure to do all of this before the party!  Also, nothing takes away from the asthetic pleasure of a backyard more than a pool that has turned into a science experiment.  By following these five simple steps, you should be able to keep you pool clean and blue with less than an hour’s worth of work each week. HTH® Pool Care has been a trusted pool care expert since 1928. They have easy-to-use, color-coded pool products with step-by-step instructions that make maintenance quick and simple. Now I can have a sparkling blue pool all year long.  You can find their products at Walmart, Home Depot, Meijer, Ace Hardware, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Costco locations. Visit the HTH Blog and the HTH Pool Facebook Page.[/infobox]

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