It is always at this time of year that our thoughts turn to new year’s resolutions. While many of us have years’ worth of failed new year plans to eat better, get in shape, give up bad habits or save more money behind us, often the new year’s resolutions that do last past February 1st are the ones that involve adding something new to our lives that makes them richer, rather than cutting down or taking away something we actually liked!

Learn More in 2018

It is for that reason that new year’s resolutions related to taking up a new hobby or learning something new can be winners. Learning a language, taking up a sport, or getting better at a type of crafting you’ve always wanted to be able to do can be far better at keeping you interested and may well lead to a real improvement in your life. Which leads us to studying.

With the wealth of online degrees now available from great colleges like Norwich University, studying something you find really interesting – such as history – from home, is now a really viable thing to do, and starting your degree could be the perfect new year’s resolution.

Get More Out of Your Interest in History

History is a topic most people are interested in to some degree, whether it is American history, 20th century history like the wars, ancient history like the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, or medieval European history. It can serve as inspiration for all kinds of things, and can be incredibly interesting to learn about if you focus on a time period and location that fascinates you.

If you want to learn about history and actually gain something from your efforts, doing a masters of history online is the best way to do that. You’ll have access to resources and tutors, and can choose modules that relate to the things that fascinate you the most.

Where Your Passion for History Could Lead

A lot of people study for an online master of arts in history degree part time just out of their own personal interest in the topics, however as with any degree there are career prospects the degree can open you up to. You may be able to work as all kinds of things, from working in a museum or as a historical tour guide, through to becoming a historical advisor, researcher or fact checker on a TV show.

History has also inspired a lot of great works of fiction, so if you are an aspiring author or screenwriter, then there is a lot to be said for getting a solid grounding in history such as an online MAH degree.

If you are looking for ways to make your 2018 more interesting and productive, as well as giving yourself some valuable goals to achieve, then getting started on the history degree you’ve always fancied doing can be the perfect plan!