As a child you will remember getting especially excited two times a year, for your birthday and at Christmas time. For those who are born in December, they only have one month to get excited about receiving presents which can be difficult for mums as they don’t feel like they are celebrating their child’s birthday as much as their child’s siblings. Some children can feel like their birthday is being ignored because everyone else is too busy getting ready for Christmas festivities. So here are some ideas to make sure that your child feels like it’s their birthday, on their birthday, and not another Christmas celebration.

Ask them what they want
First of all; it may be worth finding out from your child what they’d like to do to celebrate their birthday this year. It can give you a starting point and allow you to generate ideas from their wants and wishes.

Don’t use Christmas Wrapping Paper
Distinguish the difference between their birthday presents and Christmas presents by not using Christmas wrapping paper on their birthday. It you wrap the presents in Christmas paper it will make them feel like they are just more Christmas presents. Ask relatives to do the same so it’s clear which gift is for which occasion.

Ban the Idea of Dual Gifts
Some relatives might spend more money on one gift rather than buying two gifts for each occasion. Ban this idea. Children don’t appreciate as much as someone older, the price that has been spent on gifts. They haven’t got the gist of quality over quantity yet so it will make them feel more excited receiving presents at both occasions. It wouldn’t happen to someone whose birthday is in April, so it’s not fair to do so for someone’s whose birthday is in December or January, you should treat them all the same.

Don’t give Christmas themed gifts
Save Christmas themed gifts for Christmas day. Make sure that they receive gifts that don’t have a Christmas theme such as snow globes and candy canes for their birthday. Ideas could include; a personalised photo mug from Zippi with a picture of them with their mum and dad to make them feel special, a visit to a theme park or a toy that they’re ‘desperate for’.

Take down Christmas decorations
If their birthday is in January, take down the Christmas decorations before their birthday so that the focus is on her birthday and not Christmas. You could even just adapt the Christmas decorations to make them feel more birthday like. Such as taking the baubles off the tree and replacing it with birthday decorations such as birthday banners and balloons.

Have a birthday party earlier or later in the year
Don’t let your little one miss out on having a birthday party. If you are worried none of their friends will come because they are going away or busy with Christmas festivities, why not host their birthday party a month earlier or a month later. That way they will have a day getting the attention they deserve and time to celebrate with the friends, without Christmas taking the attention away from them.