This post is sponsored by Glad, but the opinions are mine.

Wow! Those cheerleaders and gymnasts sure did surprise the folks at that BBQ! I never knew cleaning up with the Glad Black Trash bag Crashers cold be so much fun! The next time I have people over for dinner, I hope they show up to clean up the mess! Cleaning up the house is no fun and when you try to get the kids to help, they are less than enthusiastic. If you have kids, you know getting them to help with their chores can be like pulling teeth. Here are a few ideas to help make cleaning fun in your house when there are no cheerleaders to help!

  1. Create A Theme: Kids love characters from their favorite movies and TV shows and often imitate them. Why not incorporate that into your cleaning? If the kids are fans of the Disney movie “Planes”, get the kids to make plane noises every time they put something in the trash, fold a towel or wipe a counter. If they like pirates, make everyone talk like a pirate and wear an eye patch the entire time you are cleaning!
  2. Make It A Race: Most kids love to race, especially if it means they may have a chance to beat mom! Tell the kids everyone will start their chores at the same time and the first to finish will get a prize. Make the prize something they really want so they are more likely to actually participate!
  3. Shoot Hoops: Most kids love to play a little basketball, so why not combine the sport with cleaning the house. Grab a Glad Black Trash Bag and open it up in the middle of the floor. When the kids are throwing away trash, they can aim for the Glad trash bag. Every time someone makes it in, they get a point. The person with the most points will be the winner and get a prize!

Currently, the folks at Glad are finding new and creative ways to make cleaning fun! If you visit their website, you will see several videos where the Glad Black Trash Bag Crashers are crashing parties and changing the way you think about cleaning. They think cleaning should not be such a chore! Not only can you see several entertaining videos which will be featured over the next few months, you can save when you buy Glad products. Saving is easy when you watch a video on the Glad website where you will receive a 50 cents off coupon. If you share the good news through your social media channels, you can save $1! What a great deal, right?! Remember to follow Glad on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news and promotions.

How can you make cleaning fun with Glad Black Trash Bags?