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Five Ways To Make Exercise Fun For Kids

During summer vacation, I typically do not worry about the kids being active. They are usually outdoors much more than they are indoors. Henry loves to play his video games, but he loves being outside with his sister just as much. When school starts, we are busy with after school activities, homework, chores and other things to keep us busy. The problem with most of these activities is they are not exactly getting the kids moving. Unless Caitlin does her homework while on the treadmill, I need to find other ways to get her moving. She is at the age where she is putting on a few extra pounds and I do not want her to feel self conscience about it. If we can get out and do something fun to get us active, it will feel like playing instead of exercising. Here are our 5 favorite ways to get the kids moving instead of being sedentary.

5 Ideas To Get Kids To Exercise

  1. Jump: We have a trampoline and the kids absolutely love to jump, flip and bounce on it. This is by far one of the best purchases we have ever made!
  2. Skate: The kids love their roller blades and skate pretty often. We live on a dead end street, so they have plenty of room to skate safely.
  3. Ride: The kids have so many toys they can ride on including scooters, bikes, and skateboards.
  4. Climb: We have a couple of trees the kids can climb and we have a slack line they can balance on. We also have a rock wall at the local YMCA they love to scoot up as well.
  5. Run: Caitlin has actually started jogging but Henry thinks that is pretty boring! He would rather find a toy he can shoot at Caitlin and make her run for her life! One of our new favorite outdoor toys which is safe to shoot is the Atomic Shield Popper from Hog Wild.

I love to see the kids interacting with each other and having fun. I like it even more when they are playing with high quality toys I know are safe, well made and fit into my budget. The Atomic Shield Popper for example sells for just $24 and it is made of super strong plastic and the 6 soft foam balls shoot over 4 feet but do not hurt if you get nailed with one! You just pull back on the foam hammer and the balls shoot through the shield, which is really unique. This is Henry’s favorite toy of the summer! You can see the Popper in action in this quick video.

Hog Wild Toys was started in 1996 and are based out of Portland, Oregon. Their focus is on innovative toys for the over 8 crowd and crosses over into the adult group. They stay away from toys which encourage competition but instead want kids to get together and have a good time. Most of what you find on the Hog Wild website is not found anywhere else and they like it that way! Their toys are made for kids to really play with, so you do no need to worry about them breaking after being used a few times. Be sure to follow Hog Wild Toys on YouTube and Twitter. One USA reader will win one Atomic Shield Popper from Hog Wild ARV $24.

How do you get your kids outside and make exercise fun?


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