Huggies Pull ups

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups. If you are or have been a parent, you have been or will be going through potty training with your child. If there is one subject when it comes to raising kids most parents are scared of, it would be potty training. Potty training is a much talked about subject within the mommy circles. I know I have brought it up myself a lot. There are so many methods of potty training, it is difficult to know which is going to work best for you and your child. So, I ask my peers, parents and research how others have done it successfully. If you have read my blog, you can tell I have had issues with Mason. He is a stubborn, busy child who would rather not be bothered by menial things like going to the bathroom. Pull-Ups Training Pants from Huggies will hopefully change this. I LOVE they have the little circles at the bottom. These circles contain a symbol (depending on the pant character) allowing the child to visually see the symbol disappear when it gets wet. I pointed out Mason’s award he had on his Monster’s Pull-Ups and told him it would go away if he wet his pants. Who knew keeping something was better incentive than earning it!

Huggies Pull-Ups

Make Potty Training Fun Not Scary

With my youngest ready for potty training, the new Monsters U character training pants from Huggies are perfect for us. The adorable characters we love from the Monsters Inc. family on the Pull-Ups make potty training fun, not scary. One thing I learned from potty training two other kids was consistency is a must. If you use the right tools and set up a potty break ritual for your child, it makes things go a lot more smoothly. If you are just starting out or need a refreshing on potty training methods, you can find some great potty break information on the Pull-ups website. Mason was pretty impressed with the award he gets to keep if he keeps his pants dry. It disappears if he wets his pants, so it is a really great incentive for him.

What have you found works for potty training your child?


Pull-Ups helps take the scare out of potty training by making it fun and easy with new Monsters U character training pants! You can help make potty training easier by staying consistent and using rituals like the potty break. Make it a game and ask your toddler, “What does a little monster take?”…“A Potty Break!”.  Visit and “like” Pull-Ups on Facebook for more potty training tips and resources. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups.


  1. Super cute and love the last pic of your LO. lol We’re over this stage for the toddler but in a couple years we’ll need to start with the smallest baby. 🙂

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