Make Washing Hands Fun

Make Washing Hands Fun

If you have children, I bet you battle the spreading of germs and bacteria daily.  Hand washing is the #1 way to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, yet people don’t wash their hands as often as they should.  The development of hand sanitizer made washing your hands easy, convenient and effective. Using soap and water is still the most effective way to kill germs, but hand sanitizer is better than no washing at all.   I mean, you can’t carry soap, water and a towel everywhere you go… or can you?! Now you can make washing hands fun.

You Smell is one of the most clever product lines in the bath and beauty field.  While Megan Cummins was working on her final class product for her BFA in Graphic Design, she was given free reign to develop any product she chose and from there You Smell was born.  Megan put all her skills and energy into making You Smell soap a name known around the world. Megan developed a product line that is fun yet tasteful.  Megan does not skimp when it comes to ingredients used in the You Smell products.  They are made from natural products including allantoin, which is a natural anti-bacterial and glycerin, a natural hand softener.  Megan says, “Our rule of thumb is, if there is any other product out there we’d rather be using, ours isn’t good enough”. I like the way these inventive, creative and tenacious (in Megan’s words, not mine!!) people are having fun producing their yummy products.

Paper Soap Sheets

Have you heard about paper soap sheets? When I was offered the chance to review the paper soap from You Smell, I was intrigued! The first thing you notice is the clever packaging.  One side says “You Smell” and the other says “Like Lemons”!  So funny!  The packet is about the size of a credit card but it contains 25 sheets, and for little hands, you only need ½ of a sheet.  You take the thin sheet and add a bit of water and I promise you it is like a magic trick!!  The paper dissolves in the richest, creamiest and best smelling soap EVER!  You will be amazed at how much lather you get!  I even entertained the thought of using them in the bath but I was worried about how many sheets I would need!! (lol).  I put one packet in my purse, one in the glove box, one in each of the kids backpacks and one in the bathroom for guests.  When we were at the park, I tucked a hand towel in the tote and when we were done, we used a little of the bottled water I brought and we dried off with the hand towel.  The only recommendation I have for Megan is to sell these to a hotel chain because you know how people love to steal soap, right?

One winner will receive 6 packets- 3 lemon, 3 divine (Retail value $18.70)

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