If you are a busy executive, business owner or entrepreneur, you probably depend on technology a lot. With the tech world so portable now, people are not chained to a desk like they used to be. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of business people do a good bit of traveling for their work, be it locally, nationwide or internationally. You probably carry your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player and laptop with you when you travel. No wonder we have more people checking bags as well as carrying on a bag and bringing a tote bag or large purse on the plane. With the Blackberry 10, you can keep all of those devices at home and take your office with you and it will fit in your pocket! With Verizon Wireless, you can get great deals on your Blackberry 10, get the fastest service and top notch customer service.

Make Working While You Travel Easier

Are you are an on the go business person, a frequent flyer or a geektastic person who takes work home? If so, how many devices and their cords, chargers and other accessories do you take with you? Shoot, by the time you get all of your mobile devices and accessories all in one place, you need a suitcase just for them! With the Blackberry 10, there is no need to weight yourself down, so now when you are working on the road; lighten up! The Blackberry 10 had a ton of apps to make your business life on the road smooth as silk with the swipe of a finger. There are so many awesome features with the Blackberry Q10 to make working while you travel easier. You can check the weather where you are going with the AccuWeather app, so you can pack smarter.

If you are staying fit and healthy, you can get in your workout with Endmondo, or download the iHeartradio app so you can listen to your favorite music while in transit.  Heck, you can even play Where’s My Perry while you are stuck at the airport with the inevitable layover!You can check your emails, download documents, stay up to date with your social media, make calls and send messages, all with a few swipes and never backing in and out of a million screens. With access to Excel, Word, and Power Point with Documents  to Go. If you are traveling internationally, just add Verizon’s Global plan and you can call and text in over 200 countries worldwide. With a better battery with a longer life, you will not see yourself getting stuck at the airport or a meeting and having your phone die on you. There are so many other features that can make traveling for business a breeze, so head over to the