Make Your Home Eco Friendly

I am going to be honest with you when it comes to my going green in my home. This was not a noble cause I took up to save the planet. Initially, it was more about saving my family some money every month. I felt if I was able to save money and leave behind a lower carbon footprint in the process, more power to me, right?! Well, after some soul searching and research about how we treat our planet, I came to the realization I could not afford to harm the planet any longer. My cause became less about me and more about the planet and what I was going to leave for my grandchildren and so on. How I went green in my home was not a simple task, but it was not too bad either. Here is what I did and I hope you may do as well:

6 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

6 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

  1. Light Bulbs: ENERGY STAR tells us 20 percent of our home’s energy is from light bulbs. If you switch to the new compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), you use almost 75 percent less energy than the older incandescent. Of course, turning off the lights is the biggest energy saver of them all.
  2. Cold Water: When you wash your clothes in hot water, your washing machine takes almost 90 percent of it’s energy to heat up the water. If you use the newer cold water laundry soaps, your clothes will be just as clean and you have saved a ton on your energy bill!
  3. Lint: You can save almost $40 a year by just cleaning the link trap in your clothes dryer. The added lint makes your dryer work harder, therefore using non-needed energy.
  4. Cleaning Products: I had to ditch my store bought cleaning products years ago when we found Henry had allergies to the chemicals. I use plain old water and white vinegar which cleans just about everything in my house at a fraction of the cost and chemicals we do not need in our house or on the planet.
  5. Shop Organic: This is not just for your groceries, but in anything you buy. We have bamboo bedding, organic cotton clothes, towels, sheets and even window treatments in our home.
  6. Reusable Items: Whenever you can, you should use reusable bags in your home. We have smaller bags to pack our lunches and have larger reusable bags when we grocery shop. My favorites are the baskets from ADK Packworks because they are not just green, they are super cute too!


We shop at places like Trader Joe’s and Sam’s Club to save money. In order to pass the savings on to me, Sam’s doe snot have grocery bags to give to their customers. That is why the Packbasket Original and Market Basket from ADK Packworks are perfect for our shopping there. We actually take the two wherever we do our grocery shopping or if we are at the farmer’s market. I absolutely love the way the Packbasket Original, which sells for just $30, is designed with its adjustable straps which can be carried over the shoulder or as a backpack and can be removed altogether if you like. With its integrated folding frame and bottom, it stands tall to hold a lot of groceries and is not going to whimp out on you when you pack it nice and full. I also love that the bag can be easily removed to be cleaned and with the additional cooler liner, which sells for only $6, you can keep drinks and other perishables nice and cool for the trip home.

The perky print Market Basket, which sells for $35, is perfect for those trips to the farmer’s market. With its comfort handles, I can take my time and browse through all the fresh finds without cramping my style. It has the same sturdy folding metal frame as the Packbasket Original and can also be easily cleaned. You can also find the baskets in canvas and several accessories including a bottle sleeve, backpack system and shoulder strap pad. The design of these bags comes from the longstanding traditions in the Adirondack Park in upstate New York. The bags were used to carry heavy loads when folks were hunting, fishing, and trapping. The style and design of the packs have changed since the 1800’s, making it easy for you to ship, carry and store your beach gear, picnic supplies, hiking stuff and of course, groceries. Be sure to follow ADK Packworks on Twitter to stay current with their latest news and products.

How do you make your home eco friendly?