Drive In Movies

Make your own Drive-in Movie

Materials Needed

Summertime when I was a kid always reminded me of Drive-In movies with my mom and sister. We used to take the lawn chairs and sit outside eating popcorn we brought from home. It was so much fun being outside with my family, it is too bad that all the drive-in theaters have closed down. So imagine how excited I was to be able to bring the experience to my children!

3m mobile projector

They were fascinated that I was able to project their favorite movies so big on the screen. All I had to do was connect the 3M Mobile projector to my iPad2 and I was able to stream Netflix just like we were watching a big screen movie. The 3M Mobile Projector is so lightweight it rested easily atop my sons car without danger of it falling over. I would also be able to slip this easily in my purse for Summer camp or fun camping activities with my kids.

Home Movies

My kids also fight over the iPad all the time because they both want to be able to see the picture. By hooking up the 3M mobile projector, I was able to allow both of the kids to have a perfect, huge, life-size view of their favorite shows. We even laid on the bed at night and watched a few shows on the ceiling! What fun! We were able to have a big-screen viewing experience wherever we wanted.

The 3M mobile projector connects easily to your Apple iOS devices and you can play games, watch movies, view photos and more. With a two-hour battery life, you can watch a full length movie with no problem. The LED light source has 20,000 hours of lamp life so a replacement bulb will not be needed in our lifetime.

Coming Sept 2011 at,,,,, and, you can pick up this beauty for $299. You can connect with 3M on Facebook & Twitter

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of 3M and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate