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Have you ever gone to the aisle in the store that sells all those great breakfast bars but cannot find exactly what you are looking for? I do that all the time, but then I eventually make my way through the energy and protein bars. I am always looking for something for my children or myself that will be healthy without a ton of sugar. Sometimes that is hard to find and have it taste good as well.

There are a variety of reasons to look at the “breakfast bar” selections:

  • For the kids as a middle of the afternoon snack.
  • For when you are on the go!
  • For me, before or after a work-out
custom granola bars

Make Your Own Granola Bar Kids Will Love To Eat

There is a really cool website called Element Bars, where you can actually make your own granola bar kids will love to eat. There is the option to create a bar, explore their recipes, discover your element, or give as a gift. The “Discover Your Element” section is very cool if you are not sure what you are looking for, for instance, selecting taste or nutrition from there you can then select the texture of the bar, type of fruits, nuts you like, and if you are looking for the bar to perform a certain function such as for hunger, nutrition, exercise, etc.

We chose to make a fruit and nut bar and then added a few things like pumpkin seeds, apricots and candy pieces. The kids had fun picking out what they wanted so it truly was a bar customized just for them. I was able to choose what I wanted the bar to accomplish so the boys wanted “heart” choices. Never to early to start caring for your heart. The bars were delicious, and as you can see the packaging was made just for my family. Pretty neat! Daddy was so impressed he thought I should sell them online! LOL I told them they already do – at Element Bars.

granola kids will love

Two individual people partnered together to create, both of them tired of seeing the poor nutrition and bad ingredients in nutrition bars and energy bars.  Maria did not like that major nutrition bar makers were still using ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors despite the recent research linking them to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and Jonathon was shocked at how unhealthy the mass-produced nutrition bar was and that most nutrition bars were loaded with saturated (or the ‘bad’) fat and refined sugar, while shortchanging us on fiber and polyunsaturated (the ‘good’) fat. Jonathan and Kelly teamed up, wanting to create a program that would allow people to easily create their own nutrition bar.

For more information, and to check out the different tools available to create your own nutrition bar check out their website!

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