Make Your Trip Memorable

With this deliciously warm summer weather comes a plethora of opportunities for travel. What a fantastic time to get the family together and travel to some of your favorite destinations. Some of my favorite memories as a child were our family vacations we took each summer. My mom was great about planning really fun adventures the entire family would love. One summer we would go to a local amusement park while another, we would visit the deep caves of middle Ohio. In looking back on these family trips, the only thing I have to remember them by are a small handful of pictures. Mom was not a huge camera bug nor was she big on buying souvenirs from the places we visited. As an adult, I am saddened I do not have something more tangible to remember those fun family vacations. This has driven me to make sure I have something the kids and I can keep to remember our times together.

Dune Jewelry

With Dune Jewelry you can take a piece of your favorite vacation spot with you. The kids and I love to play in the sand and surf of our favorite beaches. While most people end up with a bunch of sand in their pants when they visit the beach, Dune Jewelry has a better way to bring the beach home with you. This creatively gorgeous line of fashion accessories will certainly make your trip memorable. This line of collectible keepsake jewelry brings the sand from your favorite beaches and makes it into a coastal memory. Their patented “Sand & Silver” technique brings together sand from over 1,700 beaches in their Sandbank™ with sterling silver. The end result is one of a kind earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles and more that hold a lifetime of memories. What a wonderful way to bring that marriage proposal, honeymoon, school trip or family vacation to life!

One of my favorite new items from Dune Jewelry are their fun Beach Bangles. With this unique and sassy piece, you can wear your travels wherever you go. I love that you can stack your favorite beaches and wear them on your wrist! The Beach Bangle has a 15 mm round charm filled with sand from your favorite beach. It is layered to a glass-like, slightly domed finish, giving it a sleek and modern yet classic look. This is a piece of jewelry you can wear with your favorite tee and jeans as well as your favorite little black dress. The bangles sell for just $34 on the Dune Jewelry website. Be sure to follow Dune Jewelry on Twitter to keep up with their latest news!

Which beach would you fill your Beach Bangle with and why is it memorable to you?