This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Unilever.

Roux Recipe

White Roux Recipe
  • 2 T Country Crock Spread
  • 2 T Flour
  • 1 cup milk
  1. Melt Country Crock over medium heat
  2. Add flour and stir until mixed well
  3. Add milk slowly
  4. Stir constantly over medium heat until it thickens

Roux recipe
I have created a ton of recipes using Country Crock. It is a staple in my house, and I have learned that any recipe that calls for butter can easily use Country Crock as a substitution. Check out my YouTube video for step by step instructions on creating a white roux using Country Crock. I used this white roux in macaroni and cheese recipes as well as a go-to pasta sauce.

Country Crock® has many health benefits over butter, but my favorite is the calories you save by switching. I have used Country Crock in recipes such as butternut squash. You can find Country Crock in so many different flavors at Walmart, the possibilities are endless. My favorite combination is covering butternut squash with the pumpin spice or cinnamon spreads for a sweetened flavor without all the added sugar. What would you make?


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Cooking your favorite recipes using Unilever buttery spreads is a deliciously smart move. With 0g trans fats per serving, less saturated fat and fewer calories than butter, cholesterol-free spreads are a better option. Visit for more information and recipe ideas now! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Unilever.