Play With Your Kids
Are you a busy parent who seems to not have enough time to play with your kids as often as you like?  Join the club as you are definitely not alone!  If you work full-time in or out of the home, do all the things you need to do to run your household and all the other time consuming activities, sometimes it seems there is never enough time.  The good thing is that it is not necessarily the amount of time you spend with your child but rather how the time is spent.  If you spent 30 minutes a day on the floor engaging with your child, this is the optimal thing you can do rather than spending an hour watching television together.  Here are some fun ideas you can do for your quality kid time.

Play With Your Kids

Take A Field Trip: Many local businesses and service providers are happy to give a tour of their facilities.  If you have pre-school age kids, you may call the local fire department and ask if they give tours.  For the older kids, most art museums are free and welcome groups of children.

Joker Fun House
Go On A Nature Walk: Fall is a beautiful time of year to get outside and take in the beauty of our surroundings.  The leaves are changing, the pine cones are beginning to cover the ground and although they are chilly, creeks and other small bodies of water hold many cool treasures.  Caitlin and I recently took a walk and had a contest to see who could find the coolest leaves.  We had a blast!

Play A Game: When was the last time you got on the floor and played a game with your kids?  There are so many games available for all ages and levels.  You can play any game and pare it down for a younger crowd.  If you are playing charades with an older child you may be acting out a favorite book but with younger kids, pretending to be a certain animal is charades as well!  Grab a favorite board game and jump into to a rousing family competition!  My kids are very competitive and it is at its best when they team up against my husband and me.  If you are interested in finding age appropriate and high quality games, Wonder Forge is a “Wonder”-ful place to visit.  Wonder Forge has a huge selection of games for kids of all ages, so no matter the age, they will have something fun for you.
Play With Your Kids

Family Game Night

Our family loves and looks forward to family game night.  We are all pretty competitive, so we love to nudge each other’s buttons and get the spirit of the game going at full speed!  Joey at Wonder Forge sent a variety of games for my family to enjoy.  We received: Who Shook Hook ($19.99), Neverland Challenge Game ($19.99), Enchanted Cupcake Party Game ($16.99), Dazzling Princess Game ($19.99), Dr. Seuss Fun Machine App-Play Game ($9.99), and Joker Fun House Game ($19.99).  I love the diversity that Wonder Forge offers as well as the content of the games they carry.  These games are very high quality, the pieces are not your typical cheap and flimsy pieces you sometimes get and the kids just had fun with them all.  The Dr. Seuss App has a free video clip that allows you to check out the app before you buy it.  I think that is just so smart to see if a game is going to be enjoyed by your child. Play A Game

My kids loved the Joker Fun House the best and Henry invited his friend Olivia over to play “the coolest game I ever played and I know you will like it too” AKA Joker Fun House!!  The games that are for the younger crowd, like the Jake and the Neverland Pirate games have pieces that are nice and big so there are no swallowing issues and they are nice and sturdy and brightly colored, which when put together, make a recipe for a successful game for your preschooler.  If your family game night is going a bit stale, hop over to Wonder Forge and see all the Wonder-ful games they have for you to choose from.

Two winners will receive  (2) games of their choice ($9.99-$19.99)

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  1. I like the Busy, Busy Airport Game. I LOVED Richard Scarry’s Busytown as a child, and my boys love it too!

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