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I recently came across Mali Kids Fall Winter Fashion Trends for Girls and was lucky enough review one of their  dresses.  My oldest daughter Isabella is turning 4 and you would think she was 40!  She is very opinionated about her wardrobe and only likes to wear specific styles of clothes.  Who knew a 4 year old could have such an opinion about fashion?  Gone are the days of me picking out her outfits and hair accessories, it’s all about Isabella and what she’s willing to put on her body (let me tell you this can change with the wind)!  Her favorite items in her closet would be her dresses.  Working with Mali Kids was amazing, I gave them her size and told them a little about what she liked and they picked out a dress for her.  I was beyond excited for the dress to be delivered.  Mali Kids did not disappoint, they sent me the Ruffle Dress and it was so classic.  The top of the dress is a navy blue and white medium size stripe, with a v-shaped ruffle down the front and back, it has a little puff sleeve that is 3/4 length, the bottom of the dress is a dark jean, with an elastic waist and more importantly has hidden pockets at the seam on each side of the skirt.  I love the way they made the dress because it actually looks like a top and a skirt but you would never know it was a dress because the transition from top to bottom is flawless.  The material of the top is a soft cotton and the bottom is a light soft jean made of superior materials.  The dress was impeccably made, all the seams were perfect.  I actually turned the dress inside out to inspect it and couldn’t find one flaw.  You don’t find quality like this very often, I was impressed to say the very least.

Jean Dresses for Girls

When my daughter got home from school I sent her into her room to change out of her school clothes.  I heard her squeal in delight (knowing full well she saw the new addition hanging in her closet), she came running out of her room with her new find, Mali Kids has the cutest jean dresses for girls.  “Mommy this dress is beautiful, its perfect, I just love it…look at this ruffle thing its AMAZING!”  She then proceeded to try it on and it fit perfect.  I asked her what her favorite part of the dress was “my favorite part is the secret pockets, I can put my treasures in them”.  I wasn’t sure how it would fit because we weren’t able to try it on beforehand.  The folks at Mali Kids were wonderful, I gave them her build, weight, height and size she wears typically and they picked the perfect size for her.  Not only were they spot on with the size, but they couldn’t have picked a more perfect dress for my little girl.  They were nice enough to include a matching headband as well.  The headband is made of the matching jean material from the dress with a sequined teddy bear accent.  It was simply adorable and the perfect hair accessory for my little budding fashionista!  The Ruffle dress sells for $50.  You can find a local store near you that carries Mali Kids on their website under stores.

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