Recently a reader asked me, “How do you find the time to get readers for your blog? It must take all day to market yourself like that.” In a way she was right; it can take all day. And for a long time it did. I spent hours sitting at my desk with ten different browser tabs open so that I could switch between email, Twitter, Facebook and more. I was constantly cross referencing all of my networking areas to make sure that it was all connected and in line. Half the time I forgot something important (okay…maybe more than half the time). I was making progress, yes, but I was running myself ragged in the process.

Successful blogging will always be a full time job, but there are tools to help you put that time to better use and increase your effectiveness. One of my main tools now is MarketMeSuite. With just one program you can reduce your work time while increasing your reach.

  • Update Twitter, Facebook & Many more all from one panel
  • Schedule and Manage Facebook updates and Tweets as far in advance as you need
  • Manage and filter your DMs and @replies
  • Use keyword or location searches to find new Twitter followers for your area or niche
  • Get daily emails with a list of your DMs
  • Brand your Facebook updates with a custom click through signature to generate more traffic
  • Organize tweets with Tweet Dots to keep track of team members and co-hosts
  • Monitor your Klout
  • Customize how your ReTweets appear
  • Use your own custom short-url so that even your compressed Tweets carry your brand
  • …and more. There’s just too much to list.

Now what use to take me a day to finish is complete within a few hours. My accounts are all connected and I don’t ‘miss’ anything. Every post, every update, every tweet – leaves a ‘paper trail’ to raise my GPR and lower my Alexa. And all from one program. It’s lightweight and doesn’t bog down my computer even when I have it running in the background.

I’d have to say the most valuable aspect, I’ve found, is the ability to schedule your tweets in bulk. You have the option of copy/paste from a text document, pull tweets directly from your Google calendar, or even use your iPhone or Blackberry. I can set up tweets months ahead of time, if needed. No more sitting at my desk trying to post a promotion link every 10 minutes. My time is ‘my time’ again. Add in the option of linking your updates via and you’re scheduling not just your Twitter, but every network to which you post. Think of how much time that would save you.

Stop struggling to keep your networking alive. With MarketMeSuite‘s fantastic ‘set it and forget it’ options you can continuously network without even being at the computer.

MarketMeSuite is $59.99 per year. But, if you want to get your feet wet before you jump in, you can also subscribe to the service weekly for just $5.99

About this guest poster: Kenda is a work-at-home mother of both a teen and a toddler. When she’s not blogging at she runs a web design company and a chain of comedy clubs in Massachusetts. You can connect with her at Twitter and Facebook.

This was a guest blogging post through my guest post program.

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