No house can be complete without a place for storage in it. But if you don’t have one, there’s no need to worry. Because nowadays you can very conveniently buy pre-built storage cabins or get them built in-house. So if you want to match your need for a storage place all you have to do is look for the kind of builders who would fulfill your requirements and give you the desired outcome. The ones who are capable of building quality and well-structured storage cabins. 

If you’re not clear about what a storage cabin is here is an overview for you. It is a small building that is used for storage, studio or office. It is usually situated in a backyard or side yard of a residential property. These storage cabins can be simple or elaborate, small or large, store-bought or do it yourself project. And can be built or brought in various materials types and styles. Simple cabin models can be situated at the back or side of a property, away from the view of the house.

The use of storage cabins has grown in popularity during the past few years, as the desire for the manufacture of prefabricated (prefab) or pre-built housing has increased. Because people of this decade are more inclined towards getting everything in ready-made form. The reason behind this is that people do not have time to invest in any such thing. Everyone is rushing in their lives, busy with one thing or another. And hence, pre-built houses are the best solution to this problem. You do not have to worry about getting the house built once you’ve hired the service and finalized the design. 

Another advantage of getting a pre-built house is the quality of the cabin. If you built a house on your own, it wouldn’t be as fine as the one built by professional and experienced builders. And it wouldn’t last as long as the pre-built one would. The durability would be affected and you would have to look for a cabin building service sooner or later. So it’s better to invest to hire a company for the task than doing it yourself. Since you’re investing your money in getting the cabin you wouldn’t want it to go to waste. 

Today people are using these storage cabins for various purposes, which includes, potting or for the storage of gardening supplies, like containers, soil, seeds, and tools. They can also be used for storage of a lawnmower and yard equipment, and for storing any other thing as well.  Moreover, they are also being used as a studio or office, separated from the main house. Also, a well-built shed which consists of proper ventilation can be used as a child’s playhouse, freestanding office, greenhouse or even a cool art studio.

Even though having separate storage cabins feels like a solution to all your problems. But there are some factors you must consider while keeping or storing things out in your storage cabins. Temperature is the first thing to keep in your mind before you start setting your cabin, extreme temperatures can damage a variety of items. High heat can do as little as melt candle wax or it can end up destroying your expensive furniture. 

Another factor to take care of is moisture. Make sure you are taking humidity into consideration when deciding how to store your items. Make sure that you have ventilated your cabin properly.

The last thing to keep in consideration is that you might want to keep your pets away from the cabin, as they may end up destroying your beautiful artwork, or even scratch your furniture. IF you do decide to let your pets in, do not keep fragile things inside otherwise you could be in for a real mess,

Now let’s take a look for things which you should not store in your cabins. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Canned Food: There are several reasons which explain why canned foods are not suitable for outdoor storage. First of all, any food container that contains metal can be subjected to harmful rust. Rust can cause holes in the container and result in spoiling all food. Another reason is that the food itself may interact with the metal container. This is true for acidic foods like tomatoes. Furthermore, even the temperature affects food. Anything that is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above can spoil your food. If your canned food freezes and the can swell up, the USDA suggests throwing it out. It might be containing bacteria that may cause paralysis, in some cases.
  2. Paints and Glues: when they are subjected to radical temperatures, they break down. Even if they are frozen, any paint or adhesives will become lumpy gobs resulting in being unfit for use.
  3. Photos: Moisture and high temperatures can cause your precious photos to stick together.
  4. Important Documents: as we know that moisture is not a friend of paper. Storing important documents in a shed could result in moldy or illegible paperwork. So it’s best to keep them in the house.

As you can see a storage cabin does not guarantee the safety of all types of goods. So, while you’re getting a storage cabin built you need to define what you will use this cabin for. Because the storage cabin built for storing equipment cannot match the needs of a storage cabin for food efficiently. And a cabin built for storing food cannot match the needs of a storage cabin for equipment. You would think that buying a quality pre-built storage cabin would be enough, but it’s often not. 

So if you want your cabin to fulfill the purpose that it has been built for, then you have to make sure that you define the purpose of it beforehand. In this way, the builders would suggest a design suiting your needs. Among the best builders of pre-built cabins, are our very own Woodtex storage cabins.