Mattel Power of Play Initiative

Mattel is one of the first names that I think of when considering high quality, fun toys for children and the Mattel Power of Play Initiative has only made me respect the company more!  Mattel has always been well known and recognized for their safe, thought provoking products.  I never really knew more than that about Mattel Inc.  The amazing things they are doing behind the scenes is truly inspiring.  Mattel has partnered with a number of different organizations, all focused on helping children, through product donation, volunteer opportunities or through financial contributions.  One of these amazing organizations is called Playworks.  The idea for Playworks started back in 1996 with the recognized need and importance of play for children.  Playworks is a national non-profit organization dedicated to provide play and physical activity to low income schools.  Research has shown that play is an important part of a child’s devleropment and incorporating playtime will actually keep them more focused when they return to the classroom.  Their mission is “to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play”.

The Importance of Playtime at School

Mattel recognizes the importance of playtime at school and has partnered with Playworks to create their Power of Play initiative.  They will bring in Junior Coaches to elementary schools to teach children about the importance of play, including safe play and conflict resolution.  Mattel also plans to continue this internationally by training employees about the importance of healthy, inclusive playtime.  Mattel and Playworks recently conducted a live chat on Facebook with Jessica Weiner, confidence expert, Michael Shore, PhD, Mattel Vice President of Consumer Insights, and Jill Vialet, CEO and Founder of Playworks.  The video is very insightful and includes great advice for parents and children about effective playtime and confidence building in play situations.

It is important to also include children in the discussion about effective playtime. Mattel has provided a play tip sheet for a fun and effective way to communicate this with your children. The tip sheet is a great coloring sheet that will also teach children about including everyone, playing by the rules and treating everyone fairly. Mattel has not only shown their dedication to providing safe toys for children but also for creating programs to help encourage healthy playtime.

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