Buckingham Bliss

For our first GeoCache location we picked something super close to home within a few miles, we had picked out a place a few miles from home with Llamas to visit, but we had a tropical storm so we opted for a park and grab down a local dirt road. Ha!

First off, while I have a sense for adventure, I have zero sense of direction. Good thing getting lost is fun! I could not get the android application on my phone to work. Not the phone or the apps error, completely operator! It was raining; I had traveled down this dirt road, hopping out, checking fences, looking for boxes every few feet. Good thing it was a deserted road and not many muggles were about or they would have thought I was seriously crazy. I gave up because my GPS on my phone said I was about 2 miles from where I was and I could not just located it with my eyes. This made for a very sad treasure hunter. This picture was taken when he could not trade the treasure he had picked out. So, I researched online, fixed my phone and out we went again with Aunt Alissa!


This time the GPS worked great and we were able to locate the geocache fairly easily. I really did not know what to expect, but the box was an ammo box (army style) and was sealed shut. When I opened the lid there was so much stuff inside, but the first thing I saw was a bandaid. Now why would someone put in a bandaid? Not even a cool one, but a regular old bandaid.

We signed the log, dropped our geocache and I let Jakobi pick what he wanted. Of course, like any kid given a choice, in the rain, he took forever picking through everything. He passed over all the cool toys, neat stickers, keychains, etc and guess what he picked out? Yep, the bandaid! I guess that goes to show you that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

first geocaching experience

Geocaching trackables

I also grabbed a trackable. A trackable is a tag that is stuck to an item that you can log into geocaching.com to track where it goes. I picked up a Pirate Keychain and am going to give it to Noah to take with him on the road.

We are already planning tomorrows adventure!


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