Just about everyone in Australia follows the Melbourne Cup, attends a Melbourne Cup party or function, or at least stops what they’re doing to watch the race.

Some lucky ones get to be trackside at Flemington for the great race, but since most of us can’t be there, one of the very best places to soak up the Melbourne Cup atmosphere and really enjoy the day is at your local pub.

You would be hard-pressed to find a pub in Australia that isn’t hosting some form of Melbourne Cup party on the first Tuesday in November, and you’ll get to spend the day with other party-goers all there for the same reasons you are.

Let’s look at some key reasons why a day at the pub on Melbourne Cup day is the next best thing to being at Flemington Racecourse.

The Drinks Will Be Flowing Freely

You certainly won’t be hard up for choices hanging out at the pub. Whatever drink you fancy will likely be available.

The most commonly consumed alcoholic beverages on race day are beer and champagne. The champagne makers and sellers must rub their hands together with glee when the Melbourne Cup Carnival is approaching.

Possibly the only day of the year where more alcohol is consumed is New Year’s Eve. Melbourne Cup day is certainly a drinker’s paradise.

You might prefer bourbon or a rum, or even some tequila shots. Your local will have all that too.

You Can Place Bets Right At the Counter

Likely you’ll be wanting to place a bet or two on the 2019 Melbourne Cup, and the beauty of being at the pub is you can do it right at the counter. There’s no need to leave and find a TAB. All Aussie pubs have a betting counter these days; not just for horse racing, but all sports betting.

Before the race, you could kick back with the form guides and work out what your likely bets are going to be. You might even have sports betting app on your smartphone, which would mean you don’t even have to get out of your chair to place a bet on Australia’s biggest horse race.

There Will Be Loads of Pub Food To Enjoy

Indulge in a counter lunch before the drinking gets too serious. These days pubs offer a decent selection of food. Long gone are the days where only typical “pub grub” was served up, all covered in grease.

Sure, you can still purchase heart attack meals, but there are loads of healthier options available nowadays as well.

If you’re going to be drinking consistently throughout the afternoon and evening, you probably want to kick off with a healthy lunch first.

If you don’t fancy a big meal because “eating’s cheating”, then just order some snacks throughout the day to have something in your belly to soak up those drinks.

Big Screen TVs To Watch the Race

What Aussie pub these days isn’t equipped with at least one big-screen TV and a series of smaller TVs positioned throughout the place so everyone can watch their favourite sport.

It’s a sure bet that all of these TVs will be turned into the great race come the first Tuesday afternoon in November.

Being at the pub is one of the best ways to watch the race and experience the atmosphere and excitement as you’re surrounded by others all hoping their horse comes home first. It might not rise to the height of the vibe at Flemington, but at least you’ll get a taste of it.

It’s always more fun and exciting sharing moments like these with other like-minded people, and if someone there wins big, maybe they’ll buy a round of beers?

Stay for the After Party

Maybe by the time evening rolls around you might have had enough, but if you’re still raring to go, then the Melbourne Cup after party will likely rage well into the night at your local. The drinks will continue to flow and likely even more people will come through the doors.

Melbourne Cup only happens once a year, so make the most of this great party day.